Monday, February 6, 2012

guest review - limited edition hand wash

limited edition coconut grove, watermelon patch and (not shown) daffodil bouqet
method luster Jamison not only found the new 'Now in Season' method limited edition hand washes at his local Target this weekend, but wrote a guest review on them, too!


guest review | by Jamison Combs

Look what I found while wandering my local (regular, non-Super) Target tonight! It appears spring has sprung a bit early. Even with the temperatures still dipping into the 30s here in "famously hot" Columbia, SC, these spring scents make me dream of the warmer days ahead.

Love the new shrink wrap design. My only criticism is that the dispenser doesn't align with the graphics/front of the bottle. It's a bit frustrating for this OCD method man!

Scents include:
+ coconut grove
+ watermelon patch
+ and daffodil bouqet
Even though I still have a stock pile of winter oak and frosted fir, I couldn't resist the coconut grove. I'm a sucker for anything coconut! It smells amazing! (Personally I think they all smell great, and accurately reflect their names.)


Thanks, Jamison! Do you have a guest review you'd like to submit to method lust for an upcoming post? Simply send the review (and any accompanying photos, if you have some) to method lust!

1 comment:

Gary said...

Foaming hand wash is like taking a shower in a fog...very unsatisfying. :-(

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