Friday, August 10, 2012


A couple online articles/blog posts, etc. have begun to show up mentioning that they've received a box from method cradling two of their new Orla Kiely products, a hand wash and dish soap! (You can read one post here on Apartment Therapy!) method does this from time to time for their advocates, as well as for PR promotion. So while I'm not sure if this is an advocate tada! this time out or not, I'm gonna start crossing my fingers and watching for a surprise in the mail! If you happen to get this sweet little package, let method lust know (and what you think of the new scents and packaging!) 


bittersweetsonata said...

I purchased the bayleaf, the ginger pear, and the vanilla chai. The primrose was too perfume like for my nose. I love the idea of the printed bottle, but I'm still not in love with the shrink-wrap. I haven't put any of the scents out for use though because they really are "fall scents" to me and it is still 90 degrees here. I lust the pear ginger the most though just by smell.

I must admit, I'm not as in love with method as I was a year ago. Yes, they are still my to go soap brand, but I've really been super disappointed with how quickly they've been discontinuing products. I first used method because they had unscented products and they seem to have fallen off of that bandwagon in the past year. I don't understand why they don't have a fabric softener or dryer spray in free and clear. I don't get how they can charge $4 for their travel sized laundry detergent. Mostly, I don't get how they could get rid of their amazing bathroom products. I find that I still reach for method when it is time for me to get dish soap but I've actually been using my stockpile because I prefer the old products.

javio said...

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