Thursday, August 9, 2012

clean sweeps

A bit o' news here, a bit o' news there! It's a bit o' method news, everywhichwhere!

+ Some sad news. It looks like method is discontinuing their bathroom le scrub. I'm kinda shocked by this one, since there looks to be no update, or replacement on the horizon. Per method's Facebook page: "sorry to break the bad news, but yes, le scrub will be discontinued by the end of the year." Stock up now, before it's too late! Target has already put them on clearance.

+ I've seen a lot of complaints concerning two method products, and would like to hear your thoughts! Many users of the lemon verbena (or any of the anti-bac line of spray cleaners) find the updated formula scents to be way off, in fact, most say the lemon verbena smells like pee! Ouch! What have your experiences with these products been like? Do you like the new formula?

+ Complaint #2 happens to be over method's replacement for their lil bowl blu (in eucalyptus mint scent) to their new anti-bac toilet bowl cleaner (in spearmint scent.) I think most just don't like the new scent. It's another "what were you thinkin', method?" moment, since the rest of their bathroom line is in eucalyptus mint.

+ And a bit of great news, method has (pretty much) confirmed frosted fir is coming back, and will be one of their scent selections in hand wash for their holiday 2012 line! Pertaining to someone saying how much they lusted the scent, and wondering if it was still available, method replied: "it's great to hear you love frosted fir. it's a holiday scent, which means you might see it back on shelves in november. stay tuned."

+ Finally, I'm noticing most of the latest sneak peek announcements hitting Target shelves, from the Orla Kiely hand wash/dish soap/spray cleaner line (vanilla chai and pear ginger smell divine! Oddly enough, the bay leaf reminds me a lot of the spring sea salt + lime. Am I nuts?! Let me know!), to the spray fabric softener (which replaces their dryer sheets), as well as new smarty dish plus packets with rinse aids and extra cleaning power (for hard water, etc.) Have you picked any of these products up? What are your thoughts? Share in the comments!


Jules Miller said...

Thanks for the update, Nathan. Been reading your blog for about a year now and first time adding my two cents. Keep up the good work!

I got the Lemon Verbena and Orange Zest spray cleaner. There is definitely some sort of scent-strangeness with this, especially because I have the cleaning wipes which have a clean, pure scent.

Also, I'm very much looking forward to the new spray fabric softener and smarty dish plus tabs. My early 2000s Bosch dishwasher can barely fit the tab!

Jase T said...

Le Scrub is being discontinued?! That's the final straw for me. I hate the smell of the new toilet bowl cleaner and the reformulated Citrus Zest Anti-Bac Kitchen Cleaner. I just can't take anymore. Every time I get attached to a Method product, they discontinue it. I'm done.

Brian said...

I think it would be great to keep a list of all discontinued products and fragrances. I see so many people on blogs and Facebook asking why they can't find their favorite product. It would be great to have a list for method lovers to refer to. Thanks for the great site!!

Anonymous said...

I agree about a list of discontinued products. I just found out they discontinued the sea minerals all purpose cleaner and I'm upset.

Nathan Aaron said...

Brian, there is a list of discontinued fragrances (and current fragrances) right here on method lust. It's on the right, as you scroll down. "method scent heaven" are the discontinued fragrances, and "method current scents" should be kinda obvious. Ha!

Following the discontinued products is a bit more difficult, as method keeps most of this kinda quiet (until everyone starts asking!) and Target has a tendency to clearance product, making it harder to get, but it hasn't been discontinued, it's simply only (mostly) available online on method's site, or,, etc. I'll see what I can do about the discontinued product list, though!

Anonymous said...

Actually, ingredient changes making you use MORE product to clean the toilet is the irritation behind the lil bowl blu switchout. The new formula relies on citric acid, while bowl blu uses lactic acid the same as 7th generation's cleaner does. It is the ONLY natural cleaner that will remove VERY hard mineral deposits. But citric acid is cheaper to make and once again profit margin wins over quality. SIGH.

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