Monday, November 26, 2012

sneaky (holiday) scents

peppermint vanilla (aka) candy cane (aka) sugared mint holiday hand wash
The holidays are officially upon us! And since we're all great method advocates, one of the best and easiest ways to celebrate the season is buy stocking up on method's holiday hand wash and dish soap scents! This year has brought us gingerbread and mistletoe foaming hand wash, along with frosted fir and sugared mint gel hand wash! (Psst - they're out now at your local Target stores, and online! What?! You didn't know! Well, get with it! It's ho ho ho time, after all!)

That last scent caught my eye immediately. Sugared mint? A) Mmm, that could be divine! But wait, B) it could be a ruse. Whatever do you mean, Nathan? Well, I hate to say it, but last year method brought us candy cane. Another scent I had high hopes for, before discovering it was simply peppermint vanilla given a shiny new name. Odd, I thought. Peppermint vanilla sold well on it's own, why the need to get sneaky santa on us?

So this year, I had my reservations. And one whiff of sugared mint did indeed cause my heart to sink. It's peppermint vanilla all over again, except with another shimmery holiday name?! What gives? Apparently method's starting a trend here where peppermint vanilla will be released each holiday, except under a new name. I don't recall them renaming any other scents past or present in this manner, so I have to admit I'm at a loss...

What's your thoughts on this? Is it sneaky? Or simply fun?


And what are your thoughts on the new gingerbread and mistletoe scents? Let method lust know in the comments!


PS - the bottle shrinkwrap designs for the frosted fir dish soap and hand wash are ah-mazing, method! Whoever did this design work should get a holiday bonus, pronto! Stylish, streamlined and bright! Exactly what method is all about!

perfection in package design (well, IMHO.) The colors, the patterns... ahh!


AmandaR said...

Yay! So happy to see this post pop up in my reader - since you hadn't been posting I thought you had given up on Method!

I wish they would make peppermint vanilla/sugared mint in a foaming bottle. Wwith a toddler in the house, the foaming stuff is way easier. Love the bottle wraps too - why cna't they make fun kitchen sprays with wraps like that!

josh said...

Are the dish soaps in Target yet? I haven't been able to find them anywhere!

Nathan Aaron said...


They are available now (at least in all the Targets near me.) Some have a special end cap (against the wall, though, not out in the main aisles) while I've seen more than a few Targets just putting the holiday hand wash in with method's regular hand wash selections (in the hand wash aisle.) I've only seen the dish soap on the end caps, so far... good luck hunting!

Karin said...

I like frosted fir, I actually bought it in gel hand soap (I'm normally a foam wash purchaser). I don't believe gingerbread exists...out of the numerous Targets in the dc area, I haven't seen it anywhere. Hmph. Mistletoe doesn't smell of anything seasonal to I passed on that one. Sugared mint is fine...I don't smell vanilla though, just a sweet mint...but also a bit lackluster. Honestly, I've been more of a fan of Motifs holiday scents...I still have a Cypress & Pear hand soap from last year that I love, and their designs are great. Also, I recently found at Target a new line of organic coconut oil and beeswax candles called Beeluxe. They have a Mandarin Clove scent that is DIVINE and the candles are only $3 and change! Look for them if you haven't already seen them...they're lovely.

soap dish said...

love it..i love to make some home made soaps or hand wash but still i am looking for some sites that would give me a lot of ideas..

Nathan Aaron said...

Karin, I, too, have tried the Beeluxe mandarin clove candle and it's great! Especially for the price! Gingerbread does indeed exist, as I've seen it first hand. :) It smells like the aircare gingerbread fall line, way back in the day. Mistletoe... I plead the fifth on giving my thoughts on that scent. ;)

josh said...

Boooooo I don't know what's going on! I've been to four different Targets in my area and they still don't have the dish soap. Not in the usual method areas or any endcaps either!

I'll have to keep checking or order some from their site, I guess.

Thanks for the help though!

Tracy said...

Honestly I don't know why they don't allow peppermint vanilla to a a regular year round scent
Just as it so clean and crisp in winter -it is refreshing in summer
It truly is my favorite and I hate that I have to load up each winter for the rest of the year
Plus I am still a little bitter that aircare is gone ........

bittersweetsonata said...

So glad to see that you think that they all smell exactly the same as well. I'm a fan of peppermint vanilla, so I picked up a bottle of this year's version to compare, and yep, it's the same scent! I finally broke out the 2010 version to use. I'm regretting not buying some of the other flavors because I haven't been able to find them again in stores since that day.

I miss you and your regular method posts!

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