Monday, May 17, 2010

clean sweeps

+ method lust reader Jamison let me know Lowe's has finally put their method aircare on clearance. I stopped in myself to check it out. Most of the line (only available in sweet water and lavender + lemongrass, at least that's all I've seen at Lowe's) are around $1.00 off their original price right now. Items include aroma rings, aroma pills, and sticks. All are starter kits (no refills only items.)

+ If you happen to have a Marshalls near you, run and check out the housewares clearance section. Some readers have found pill refill packs in a variety of scents (most in holiday fragrances - cinnamon bark, hollyberry, gingerbread spice, and peppermint vanilla) for a final markdown/clearance price of $1.00 (for a two-pack!) They definitely won't last long at that price!

+ Just saw my first "guest star" free labeled bottle of mandarin mango method hand wash at my local Target! The scent is now an official part of their hand wash line, no longer just a limited edition item!

+ Target also still has method's new laundry detergent on sale. $6.99 for the small bottle (25 loads), $12.99 for the large (50 loads.)


Bastet said...

Excuse me, but Targets seem to differ around the country. The Tar-gay in Chicago had Mandarin Mango for MONTHS. I stocked up on that. It's nearly gone now. Detergent is still on sale, but the number of products is still going down, down, down and I keep writing memos to the consumer help desk asking for more. Sigh. What can one person do?
Lowe's is hopeless around here. They're practically discontinued Method.
Marshalls? I have a hard time believing it, but if it's true, I'll drive by there.

Jamison cOMBS said...

@Bastet: Agreed. It's strange how the inventory systems must work at these stores. Here in Columbia, SC I have 4 Target stores and 6 Lowes stores to choose from. Each carries a different selection of Method products. Some carry more, some less. You would think there would be consistency among the stores. I once asked one of the Managers at Target and he said it's an issue of demand. If a product sells at that Target, they'll continue to carry it. If not, it gets discontinued and the shelf space is given over to another product. I really would think major box stores like Target and Lowes would want consistency in all their stores, but I guess not.

Marshalls and Big Lots only carry discontinued Method items. The selection at most of those these stores is very, very limited.

Best of luck in your search for all things Method. Let us know if you find any good deals at Marshalls.

Brit said...

Thats pretty wierd. Here in RI (and close by MA) all the Target stores are pretty consistent with their stock. Each store has the same exact shelf space and the same product. As far as Lowes Hardware goes, I'm not sure, I don't go there often lol.

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