Wednesday, May 5, 2010

contest - arrivederci aircare winners!

I was starting to feel the pitchforks and flaming torches heading my way (if you only knew how crazy life is at the moment. Or maybe how crazy it feels, whether it's actually full of real, or only pretend crazy, I can't tell you?) So I apologize for trampling all over my word, crushing it into small bits and pieces, and leaving it on the sidewalk for someone else to clean up!) Cause here, now, for one day only (or well, forever cause it's a post - or at least until Blogger goes belly up, but then it's owned by Google, so that will never happen, so uhm), for your entertainment are: the arrivederci aircare winners!

(Winners were chosen in first-to-last comment order of who guessed nearest to how many total pills and rings method donated for this contest? (Answer: 33!)

+ she's crafty, and she's just my type (25)
+ alliana dayley (35)
+ gena weishar (40)
+ karin (32)
+ dortujla (25)
+ irene (25)
+ kaoticorchid (25)

The winners who also guessing right on the bonus question: What were the three AIRCARE scents method debuted as Fall Editions? (Answer: gingerbread + spice, fig, and pomegranate tea!)

+ irene and kaoticorchid! You've both won one additional pill/ring! And karin wins one additional pill/ring for guessing one away from the actual donation answer!

Congrats to everyone! And thanks to all the method lusters for taking part in the contest, and being extremely patient with me! (Now just be patient as I slowly mail these out to all the winners! - Winners, please email me your mailing addresses!)

Whew! Hallelujah. No more emails to me threatening to replace all my method products in the middle of the night with dollar store cleaners if I don't supply the winners soon! Ha ha!


Karin said...

Holy Moly! I knew my favorite number 32 would do me right one of these days...and get this, it's my 32nd b-day this Friday...for real! Happy method b-day to me! :)

kaoticorchid said...

Lol! Thanks so much, Nathan! I promise I won't come to your house and tp it with recycled paper towels!

Gena Weishar said...


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