Tuesday, May 18, 2010

play clean!

method luster Melane was sweet enough to send in a pic of method's newest baby line product, the play clean multi-surface spray cleaner! I'd previously posted about it in a Clean Sweeps bit, but I didn't have a photo of the item, so thanks bunches and bunches, Melane!

The new baby line (crisp apple and sweet pea foaming hand wash, sweet pea laundry detergent, and play clean spray cleaner) can be found at your local Babies R' Us! Has anyone picked up and tried these new products yet, I haven't heard much from anyone on these new items, and method has yet to even announce them! So if you do give them a try, comment below on what you think; or feel free to send in your very own product review, which I'll post here!


Jamison cOMBS said...

I have no children... yet I WANT the new Play Clean Surface Cleaner.

Tammy Hubbard said...

My 3 year old son and I love the crisp apple foaming hand soap. Before I had to fight him to use any soap to wash his hands but with this he gets so excited to wash his hands (to the point he makes excuses to). Also its easier for him to use because the other kinds of pumps were to hard for him push. Now he doesn't need my help anymore

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