Friday, May 14, 2010

even better!

Just noticed today that Target has Price Cut (and not temporarily) the method body wash to $4.99 (from $5.99!) I'm lustin' that, let me tell you! (Thought you might want to know! If not, well, then, just go about your day... I won't cry.)


kirby said...

Are these scents on their way out? I just had a huge haul of Philosophy body washes so I'm set in that regard for quite some time--but they definitely weren't $4.99, either.

Nathan Aaron said...

Kirby, I don't think so. (Hope not! Well, as far as refresh mint is concerned! :) I think Target just marked them down. It's only one dollar, they've always been $5.99. It was a Price Cut (not a clearance price.) Target does that with some products here and there.

I'm HOPING it just means they're good sellers at Target!

Jamison cOMBS said...

Like the savings. Miss the creamy body wash though.

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