Wednesday, June 30, 2010

greener clorox?

An interesting look into Clorox and GreenWorks via Fortune magazine (and website, along with CNN Money.) And method gets a shout-out, and some quick screen time.

"Customers expect color and scent in their products" was mentioned, when synthetic items were discussed. My thoughts are a) I don't personally think color is necessary. method has done a great job in the past with colored bottles taking the place of colored products, and I think that works well. (In fact I've always been curious why method hasn't taken all of their products in this direction.) Most of method's holiday hand wash line within the past three years or so has consisted of clear hand wash, in a colored bottle; compared to the "everyday" hand wash they product, which is colored hand wash in a clear bottle. Why not just colored bottles all the way? And b) scents are always going to be requested (IMHO) but why do they have to be synthetic? Points to ponder.

What do you think of the video? What about Sierra Club's partnership with Clorox? Tell it!

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