Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Do you get those little coupon books Target will send out in the mail from time to time? You know, the ones that you can separate the perforations and mix and match people's faces (Oh, she's Asian! Oh, she's Caucasian! Oh she's got facial hair!) This time around you can mix and match people's shopping carts (Oh, she's got cookies and milk! Oh, she's got milk and tennis shoes! Oh, she's got half a box of trash bags, and half a kid! Oh, wait, this isn't right? What's going on here...) Whoever designed this one didn't test it out very well, cause it doesn't work too great. But hey, who cares! It's the coupons we're after! And I've always thought, every time I'd get one of those booklets - "I wish method would have a coupon in here!" and they never have (to my knowledge, maybe one for their o-mop, like a zillion years ago. So let's ignore that one, ok? It didn't happen.)... until now!

I opened my new coupon booklet I got last week, and sure enough, there was a method coupon! I was shocked! $1.00 off dish soap or spray cleaner! Yay!

Now, Target will do method price breaks lots of times (in fact they just had one!) And I used to post them each and every time, but it's just .50 cents off most items, and while .50 cents is .50 cents, it's still sorta just .50 cents. So I haven't mentioned Target's sales as of late. But with this coupon, it's like .50 cents + .50 cents = $1.00! Wow! That's not really that much more of a difference, is it?! Well, so what! It's my blog and I can post about whatever I want! And if $1.00 means more to me than .50 cents, that's how it's gonna be! Ok? Good. Glad we got that one out of the way.

If you don't currently get Target's coupon book, head on over to their website and sign up. Then you'll be on their mailing list, and the next time method has a coupon in their booklet, you'll have it too! But then, that was pretty obvious, now wasn't it...


Lisa & Jason said...

Love your blog (and method and target...) I went to the Target site and, if you scroll to the bottom and click coupons, you can print the coupons!

kirby said...

Oh yay! I always check the coupon books every time they arrive, keeping my fingers crossed for method coupons, but I never find anything I would normally buy.

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