Monday, June 14, 2010

here to stay

method has just posted this adorable little story about mandarin mango hand wash:

"once upon a time there was a young hand wash named mandarin mango. she moved to a quaint neighborhood called Target.

there were many other hand washes that lived in her neighborhood. there was the ever popular cucumber (total jock), french lavender (nice elderly type), sweet water (studious professor), grapefruit (school teacher) and sea minerals (free-spirited hippie). they had all lived in Target for some time and had become rather close friends. they were very different but often got together for small dinner parties and book clubs.

mandarin mango was significantly younger than all the other hand washes. some might even call her immature. she came into the neighborhood with a bang, wearing a sassy “guest star” logo printed on her bright orange bottle. all the other hand washes were very skeptical about what made mandarin mango so darn special, and she had no trouble informing them.

“like…i was born to be a star! people can see it from aisles away. omg lil’ bowl blu is soooo hot!” this didn’t go over too well with the other hand washes in the neighborhood. but they were told not to sweat it because she was a limited edition and would only be around for 9 months tops.

weeks went by, and mandarin mango was correct - she was a star! ‘people against dirty’ came from near and far to check out the newest addition to the hand wash family.

the whole gang was starting to get used to the young and spunky mandarin mango..."

Head on over to their official people against dirty blog to read the rest!

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