Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the dish

Recently over on method's Facebook page, an advocate posted the following:

"I've been using Method now for over a year and I love, love, love your products. But I must say - you need to re-think your dish detergent bottle. When your hands are wet - it's hard to hold on too. I've dropped that bottle [thank god it's plastic] so many times. I got tired and switched to Greenworks. If you remake the bottle I would gladly switch back..."

to which method replied:

"Hey carolyn, we hear you loud and clear. keep you eyes open come fall, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!"


Sounds like we're getting a new dish soap bottle! (In fact, while it's all extremely vague at the moment, I believe this fall we'll be getting more than just a new dish soap bottle for the kitchen! Tease, tease.)

What do you think? Like the current bottle, have the same issues? Some people have suggested taking the new laundry "lighthouse" bottle, and using that design for the dish soap. What do you think? I mean, sure, I've dropped the bottle a time or two, but it really hasn't bothered me as much as it seems to do other method users. What's your experience?


rachel said...

the bottle really is AWFUL. not only that, but we don't have a dishwasher, so we use the dish soap all the time, and the spout gets all gunked up. had to buy a simplehuman dispenser and now use it through that...

Brodie said...


Jamison cOMBS said...

While I don't loathe the current bottle, a redesign will be a good thing. I agree it gets slippery and gross/clogged, so hopefully the redesign will help. I just fear it becoming the "typical" design like all the other soap bottles out there. A pump would be awesome, but I also think there would be a huge waste factor plus I would imagine the price of the bottle would go up.

raded6 said...

The bottle is okay, their first is classic, its actually in a design reference book I have. The main problem is... the soap. The only Method product I don't use. Sure, it smells great, it just doesn't work that well. All my glasses look awful when they dry, and it can't even touch things like dried egg. Its my dirty little secret. I use 7th Generation. On a side note, I haven't had any clogging problems since they reformulated it. However, a quick rinse after using will prevent that.

kirby said...

I have clogging issues (sounds like I need some medical attention for that) with the current soap bottle but it's nothing that 30 seconds under hot water won't fix. But actually, at this moment I'm using the "hourglass" shaped bottle from several years ago. It was the most utilitarian of the dish soap designs, but it accomplished its job nicely with minimal mess or waste.

Oh! I visited Big Lots yesterday and did not find any remarkable method scores BUT they have these adorable ceramic/silicone "Not a Paper Cup" coffee cups that mimic the design of their disposable counterparts for just $8. And since it's cute and makes me smile, I'm more apt to remember to bring it with me when I go out for coffee! Given the amount of coffee I drink, that's a lot less waxed cups and plastic lids wasted.

Nathan Aaron said...

Jamison, actually method already went down the "dish soap bottle design like everyone else" path with their second bottle design. (They've had three.) So hopefully they won't go back down that same path. Actually, Dawn and a few other brands, I've noticed, are actually copying method's current bottle design! So I'm wondering if they're getting complaints about it being slippery, etc.?

Great for you Kirby! Love the ceramic "Not a Paper Cup" idea! I'll have to go check that out! I actually just went to some far away, random Big Lots I've never been to, in another town, and found fig aroma pill refills! STILL! I was in shock, and proceeded to snatch them all up! But yeah, those were ancient! I keep waiting patiently for Big Lots to get more method stuff in (especially the aircare line.) But so far, nothing. :(

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