Tuesday, February 15, 2011

clean sweeps

Ah, spring time! What? It's still winter and frosty and cold and there are snowmen frolicking in your yard? Well, here in North Carolina it's a very springy week (so far!) And spring leads one to day dream about new method products! Really, it does. No, I'm being serious. Whatever, so I day dream about new method products all the time. I even come up with my own sometimes. And then I forget which are the real products, and which are the fake products, and then sometimes I'll have to go cry in a corner for a little bit because I need to mourn the product that I thought was real real but was really just fake real. You know what I mean? But don't worry, it's not a really bad crying jag. More of a whimper with some tears. Maybe the occassional wail, but nothing more. I promise...

So yeah, new products! Well, if you follow method over on their Facebook page, you notice every once in a while they'll pop something big in over there, just to see if people are paying attention. And trust me, I am. I am! How about these two goodies!

+ Looks like we'll be seeing new limited edition hand washes this April! So use up what you have left from the holiday line, and get ready for some delicious scented newbies to fill Target shelves! (And psst - just between you and me, we're talking not just one, but four new scents! 2 + 2 = four new scents! But that's all I can tell you now. More news the closer it gets to April... is it April yet? Oh, ok. Man, I got a while... argh.)

+ method also announced on their Facebook page that we should be seeing new dish soap refills hitting shelves this Spring! How cool is that! Hey, they might even have a new lemongrass dish soap refill out then, too! Wait, what? That's one of my pretend real products? Well, I refuse. method, get on it! (But uhm yay, dish soap refills!)

and lastly (not new product related, but still cool method product related)

+ method luster Jamison has let me know he's just found a new shipment of method candles showing up at his Big Lots store! Frosted fir, fig, cut grass, peppermint vanilla and more! So of course I leapt from my work chair, told them I had the flu suddenly, and ran to Big Lots to find... nothing. Yet! But I'm holding out they just haven't hit my store shelves yet! Cause frosted fir candles... oh yeah. Who needs Valentine's day 50% off candy when you got frosted fir candles. Who needs Valentines day 50% off candy when you have a date... oh but let's not go there, ok? I'm still mourning my method teeth whitening system. Yes! Yes, it's a real fake product. Hence the mourning! So let's leave dating out for the time being. I can only take one disappointment at a time... and you are a disappointment, Ted! A complete and total disappointment! Don't talk to me like that! Where were my roses, Ted? Hmm?... wait, is this thing off?...

...now, where is that ADD medication.

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Jason said...

I need those candles!

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