Monday, February 21, 2011

petition, please!

Oh dear! method's gonna either lust my enthusiasm, or wanna beat me over the head with an eco-friendly sustainable forest derived stick for this one. But sometimes you just gotta do what'cha gotta do, ya know? So here goes!

Remember when ole' method discontinued their aircare line early last year? We all sniffed and whined and begged and pleaded and well, ok, most of us just sniiffed and whined. But the time has come for begging and pleading!

Every day I notice someone posting on method's Facebook page "where did aircare go?" (Hey, do they live under a rock? Don't they read method lust?! Aren't they as obsessed as I am with method products and stalk the Target store shelves each and every time they go shopping, and shouldn't they have noticed the aircare was gone like, last March? No, well, ok, so maybe everyone isn't as obsessed as I am! Well, I just call it lack of initiative! Ha!)

So (are you still with me, how many readers do I lose with my rambling rants? Hmm?!) I've decided it was time for an official "bring back method aircare" petition! On method's discussion board Facebook page! This is all you have to do! Head on over to the discussion board page, and add your post to the list! Just a little "one more advocate begging for aircare to come back!" or a "pretty please, more aircare would be the bee's knees!" and that's it! The more posts we get on our "official petition" the more method just might listen to us advocates, and the better our chances are of getting aircare back! It might be the old school aircare, it might be brand new aircare (and even more environmentally-friendly!) But no matter, we'd just lust it's return! Our stuffy homes are begging for some wonderous mingling method scents wafting in the air!

So get to it, go sign the petition today (don't post in the comments section here! Well, I mean, please feel free to do so, but also make sure you go sign officially on their Facebook thread!) Thanks!

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