Tuesday, February 1, 2011

red is rad!

Word on high from method's latest Tweet is their limited edition hand wash scent, red currant, is here to stay! Asked on Twitter:

Q: " are you going to make currant a new scent?"
A: "{reply} yes it's becoming a permanent fixture! keep looking."

As you'll probably remember (unless you suffer from short term memory loss, in which case, I'm sorry. That must suck! I read once... wait, who are you again? Where am I?...) method did the same thing with their other limited edition scent, mandarin mango!

One possible thing to keep in mind is, at least for Target shoppers - Target as you know loves keeping the method products they carry streamlined. So as method continues to add new scents to their hand wash line, it's rather inevitable that old ones will be clearanced by Target (though method may continue to carry them on their online store!) So what are your thoughts? Stick with the old favorites, or roll out the new friends?

You can find method's other limited edition scents, waterfall and violet bloom, still hanging out on select Target store shelves! And I would make a bet we'll be seeing a new one before too long! (Let's hope it's sooner rather than later!)


tcdriver said...

I say roll out the new friends. I get to buy new colors and fragrances, plus I get bargains on Target's clearance shelf!

Jon Glover said...

new new new! things are getting stale!

Sprockets said...

I think the red currant and mandarin mango are two of their best scents, so I'm very glad they are here to stay!

Has the new lavender cedar fabric softener appeared to stores yet?

Nathan Aaron said...

Sprockets, word from on high is there is no such thing as lavender cedar fabric softener coming to shelves anytime soon (which is a huge disappointment!) Sorry!

netta said...

Yes method let's roll in the new, i like change :-)

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