Monday, August 22, 2011

clean sweeps

+ An advocate over on method's Facebook page recently asked if we (method's drooling fans!) should expect some new fall scents? And method's response was a big yes! So yay! Interestingly enough, the post has since been removed from their page, but this could be because A) method decided they wanted to keep it hush hush (in which case, oops! Ha!) or B) method changed their minds (I doubt this one) or C) Facebook is acting up again (this seems to happen a lot!) So who knows, but I'd say keep a lookout for some new scents coming from method this fall (more than likely they'll hit the hand wash and dish soap products.)

I'd been noticing Glade, Febreze, etc. have been releasing their new fall candles and aroma plug-ins. Makes me long for the days method released their own line of fall oriented scents for their aircare line (fig, gingerbread spice and pomegranate tea!) Ah, but, there I go longing for the good ole' days again!

+ Have you tried out any of method's new products? How about the lavender or clementine floor cleaner? pink grapefruit or red currant dish soap? Wood for good daily wood cleaning spray? If so, what are your thoughts? Lust'em? Let method lust know in the comments!

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