Monday, August 22, 2011

quick questions

Hey lusters big, tall, lanky and small! I gotta quick question for you (hence, the post name, quick questions! I know, I know. But it's Monday, I thought you might need a little help!) I want to know how you get your method dirt!

How do you find all your method news, scoops, and gossip?
+ method lust
+ method's Facebook page
+ method's people against dirty blog
+ method's "methodtweet" Twitter page
+ method advocate emails

I appreciate you taking a moment and letting me know via the comments! And if you get your method news through multiple spots, list each one (Example: "I read about method on method lust, and their Facebook page!") Thanks, lusters!


Kristen Helbert said...

method lust, method's Facebook page, method's people against dirty blog

Rebecca said...

mainly here at method lust. I am a fan of theirs on Facebook, but, I think at one point I might have turned off notifications from them. 'cause I get all I need to know from here. : )

bittersweetsonata said...

I check the facebook page every day. If there is a news story or something interesting posted, I always immediately check in here. I'm on method lust a minimum of once a week, if not more. I only use their blog if I have a lot of spare time. So, facebook, lust, then people against dirty.

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