Monday, August 22, 2011

sneak peek - fabric softener

Check it out! Look for method's fabric softener in brand new packaging, hitting store shelves now! I like it! Many advocates were regularly confused by the extremely similar packaging for the laundry detergent and fabric softener, so it looks like method heard our concerns and shook up the package design in order to make them more noticeably different. I like the nice, soft feel to the look of the bottle! Just like what the product is supposed to do!

Muchas gracias to method luster Jeff for taking and sending in this photo!


Sprockets said...

That was a good call. Now if only they'd make the fabric softener is some other scents! :) Still not a fan of Fresh Air.

Nathan Aaron said...

Thank you, Sprockets! I know. I already threatened them on Facebook. :) I mean, they have water lily + aloe, lavender + cedar, peony blossom, free + clear, sweet pea and fresh air laundry detergent.

Fresh air only fabric softener.

And dryer sheets in lavender, sweet water, rice milk + mallow and free + clear.

None of that makes ANY sense to me! Balance out your scents. If you have lavender + cedar detergent, you should also have it in fabric softener and dryer sheets. It makes SO much sense to me (and a lot of other advocates.) But for whatever reason, method hasn't caught the clue yet. Let's hope they find it soon! :)

bittersweetsonata said...

I want free and clear fabric softener probably more than I want anything besides aircare. I'm not a fan of scented laundry but I've made due with the fresh air because I'm not a big dryer sheet fan.

Now, is the price going up? I liked my crazy cheap for method big bottle.

Anonymous said...

I want them to bring back the rice milk and mallow dryer sheets! Everyone I know uses them. I can't live without them.!

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