Sunday, August 28, 2011

ho ho heck yes!

There's lots of ways to keep up with method (twitter, Facebook, method lust, people against dirty blog, magazine articles, whew!) So even though I'm perfect (shh, keep your thoughts to yourself) there are times even I, yes I, miss something! It's difficult to believe (again, thoughts. yourself.) but it's true! So I wanted to say thank you to the anonymous method luster that let me know via comments, method has officially announced frosted fir is making a comeback this holiday 2011 season! Yes!

They had also previously teased that peppermint (in some form) would be part of the holiday scents! So I'd say be on the lookout for frosted fir and peppermint vanilla this year (unless method gets all sorts of crazy and gives us a new peppermint/mint scent! Guess we'll find out soon enough!) The other great thing is, method's holiday line seemed to hit really late last year. They appear to be correcting that this year, because October is the drop date for the holiday products to hit store shelves! So far I'd still say to expect only hand wash, but who knows, they might also surprise us with an expanded product line (and probably one more scent, as their holiday scents usually come in threes) as well! More news to come as I get the dirt!

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Unknown said...

awesome! Lets hope for other items as well.

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