Tuesday, April 14, 2009

clean sweeps

method has been awfully quiet as of late, but last night they sprung (is sprung a word? Eh, I'm gonna use it anyway, what can you do?) back to life! A couple of interesting comments included:

+ Hints are that cinnamon bark and peppermint vanilla will be making a return this holiday season. Whether it will be part of the core holiday line, or an offshoot, sort of like what they did this year, releasing the hand wash in grocery stores, etc. remains to be seen. So if you don't have a Big Lots near you, and can't pick up some leftover cinnamon bark or peppermint vanilla, never fear!

+ It doesn't look like there are any current plans to bring back the aircare cut grass scent. But they do also mention they still have cut grass aroma sticks on method home to purchase!

+ Crazy alert! So, a while back when method had their aroma sprays on sale, I picked up a couple bottles of pomegranate tea! Mmm... So the other day I went to spray it, and take in that wonderful fragrance, and I did, and then went "Uh, I don't smell a thing?" Suddenly worried that these North Carolina allergies had permanently taken away my ability to smell, I got nervous, and tried the second bottle. Nothing! Then I grabbed some other bottles in different scents, and ah! I could smell them.

I have an old bottle of pom tea at work, so I gave it a spray. Mmm! So I've decided, through some freak occurrence not unlike Virgin Marys showing up on grilled cheese sandwiches (come on now, don't you think if the Virgin Mary wanted to pop up, she's have a little more class than to do so on a grilled cheese?! She's the Virgin Mary! But I digress...) these two bottles have no scent in them! Crazy! Has anyone else had this issue? I'm curious! I've asked method about this, and will hopefully get a response soon! (It could very well be a "you've gone mad!" BUT, I also tested it on a friend, and she came to the same conclusion.) To be continued...


Amy said...

Re: the return of peppermint vanilla


I love method lust!

Shannon said...

Interesting... my husband just opened a new bottle of grapefruit dishsoap and complained about the same thing: it just smelled like soap, with no grapefruit. Weird!

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