Sunday, April 26, 2009

clean thoughts

A thought today as I was eating at Subway. When is that chain going to catch on that plastic bags are BAD! I eat there regularly, because it's (basically) healthy, and I ALWAYS say NO PLASTIC BAG when I get to the check out. Because, get this, they are literally making your sandwich, wrapping it up for you; uh, it's good to go at this point, then shoving it in a plastic bag with some napkins, all so you can walk five steps to your table (because to go or not to go, it hits the plastic bag), take your sandwich out, and throw the bag away. It's worse than grocery bags! At least they make trips! How wasteful is this? Imagine the amount of money Subway could save it they'd just stop with the plastic bags? And yes, you CAN carry your drink, chip bag, and wrapped up sandwich to the car, without a plastic bag. YES, you can. In fact, you can do a lot, if you just put your mind to it. So next time you're at Subway, just say NO to the plastic bag.


Hmm. A friend of mine this weekend opened my eyes to something rather thought provoking! I was (of course) talking about saving the earth, going green, etc. and he said to me "You know, it really has nothing to do with saving the planet. I mean, more than likely, the planet will bounce back. We might take it to the brink, but when mankind is gone, it'll come back, and take over once more. What we're really talking about when we say saving the planet is saving mankind from extinction, because we'll have made the planet uninhabitable. That's what we're really trying to save here."

A very interesting point of view, don't you think? I mean, yeah, we know the reasons we do what we do is to make the planet a better place for man and animal; but I wonder if it'd have more or less impact if we started using "Save Mankind" instead of "Save The Planet." Would we get the same results (which as far as my jadedness is concerned, is fleeting disinterest from most people?) Curious...

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Laura said...

That's funny, because I was just thinking about how the issue is that we have consumed way more resources than we have available, and eventually, we'll run out of resources as a species and no longer be able to sustain ourselves. The way we treat this planet is very selfish, and eventually, we'll run out.

And I always say no to plastic bags. Especially when I go to Target or anywhere and just pick up a few things and carry it to the register. If I can carry it around the store, I can surely carry it out of the store. It should just be a rule that you don't automatically give someone a bag when they have one or two things. I'm sure that would save a lot of plastic bags too. I don't eat at Subway, so I never realized that they do that, so they shouldn't have plastic bags.

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