Monday, April 6, 2009


I finally managed to put two and two together, and figure out the whole "why are the pomegranate + tea and citrus cilantro candles being clearanced, while the rest of the items in these scents (currently) remain in the aircare line?" question? (And whew, that was a long question, wasn't it?!) Well, I (duh!) figured it out!

The reason is, method just went and reworked their candle line, with the new soy wax formula; but realized these two scents were going to be discontinued, to be replaced with the upcoming spring editions line; so they couldn't redo them with the new soy wax, and instead just clearanced them out; while keeping the rest of the line around in those two scents (for a short time.) Make sense?

I went into my nearest Target this weekend, and they've had three pom + tea candles sitting there forever, on clearance, but without any actually clearance stickers on them. And this weekend they were listed as "item not found" which in Target terms means, over and out. So I checked at the customer service counter (just in case they'd gone lower than $3.98) to see if they could look up a price on them. They said with "item not found" products, it was hit or miss. But these did come up (still at the $3.98 price, so I just bought one.) But this is the last chance to pick the candles up, as Target will be shipping them out soon (more than likely to Goodwill.)


Karin said...

This is a different subject...but have you noticed the lowered prices on several method products at Target? I bought Le Scrub and Lil Bowl Blu for $3.99 each. Also, the liquid hand soaps were $2.99 and the Daily Shower Spray bottles were $2.99 as well. I think they are about to change the packaging on a lot of stuff...that is my feeling. I noticed that some of the bottles have already changed. There is a new green logo on some of the products.

Nathan Aaron said...

Hmm? Intrigued! I'll have to (of course) take a run to Target and check this out! Thanks Karin. The liquid hand soaps/spray cleaners used to be $2.99, then Target raised them to $3.29. Maybe they're reducing them back again. I'm excited the Lil Bowl Blu and Le Scrub has gone down! I'll check out the packaging.

Now that I think about it, that brings everything you mentioned, down by .29 cents. It might just be a Target price drop. We can always use those!

Karin said...

So when I was at Target, I thought the Daily Shower Spray bottle looked different...and I was right. The bottle (actually the label on the bottle) I saw at Target is different than the bottle on the method web site. I should have taken a photo for you. The label at Target had a greenish-yellow circle with a little leaf-like illustration in the middle (see the multi-surface bottle on the web site on the home page with the yellow flower stuck in it). I think they are making all the labels like this...I noticed it on the stainless steel cleaner spray as well. Have you already talked about this...I can't remember?

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