Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ebay surprises

While trolling, loitering, and otherwise frolicking around on ebay.com, I came across two great method finds!

+ method OLD SKOOL 4 pack body wash - $1.99 (Start Bid) + $6.53 shipping - Wow! I can't believe one of these popped up on ebay! Target carried these for a short time way back when, during method's first foray into body wash! These are 4 tubes of olive leaf, lavender thyme, cassis flower and mango mint. (OH how I miss cassis flower and lavender thyme!) You can read about this body wash on method lust!

+ method frosted cranberry holiday hand wash - $3.99 (Current Bid) + $6.35 shipping - This debuted uhm, about three holidays ago! It's sort of a cross between hollyberry and winterberry (well, in my opinion.)


Sprockets said...

wow, that 4-pack is cool!! *wants it*

i wonder how the current method body lines are doing. are they going to stick with it, or change once again? it is a tough market to crack!

i dig the creamy line, i think that was a really smart way to go. something more "upscale" and "mature", great, subtle scents, nice creamy feels, and awesome packaging.

the marine naturals line excited me when i first heard about it, and then disappointed me. i just stick with my remaining Bloq body wash, so great!! they should really bring that back, with some more accessible packaging.

i use the marine naturals scrub sometimes, it's nice, a bit too slippery, and i hate the scent. ICK.

i lust the frosted cranberry!! i scored a bunch of this at Big Lot last summer. i don't think it is like winterberry + hollyberry though. this is one scent where method really nailed it! it smells just like fresh, crushed raw cranberries, with just a bit of frosted sweetness. they should definitely bring this one back, it's a winner!

Nathan Aaron said...

Yeah, I'm not too hip on the marine naturals line, either. Every time I use my refresh mint, it just reminds me of how much better green mint was! LOL It was so much fresher smelling (which is ironic, since the new scent is called, uhm, refresh mint. It's too sweet for me, for some reason.) rambling over.

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