Thursday, April 23, 2009

same clean, smaller footprint

Smarty dish has changed it's packaging! (Well, actually method changed it, but you say tomato, I say tomahto? Ok?) It's now being packaged in a lightweight pouch, which just happens to use 87% less plastic than the original. Now THAT is crazy! 87%?! Wow! Amazing... so be on the lookout for this new packaging!

And hey, if you liked the old containers you can always save yours and use these as refills, just like the hand wash! Win, win! These should be available at stores near you soon, and can already be purchased at!


stephenjames716 said...

has anyone else experienced less than stellar results with the smarty dish "charges?"

I have ran 3 loads of dishes and all of them come out with spots.

Nathan Aaron said...

Stephen, yes, some people have had problems with the cubes (I'm not one of them, though.) Most seem to think it depends on how hard or soft your water is. Do a search here on method lust for smarty dish cubes to read some more comments.

netta said...

Love that method decided to use less packaging for their dish cubes. The dish cubes work great for me. For some reason I do notice a difference when I use the go naked dish cubes as opposed to the grapefruit dish cubes. The go naked dish cubes seem to do a way better job on my dishes. They look and feel extra clean and I love the shine and sparkle that is left on the dishes.

Melissa said...

LOVE the dish cubes! I use the "Go Naked" variety and haven't had any issues with spots. Glad to see that they've changed the packaging, even though I just picked up a new box of the current packaging earlier this week. My husband thinks they smell like grape candy and threatens to eat one every time he loads the dishwasher.

josh said...

"My husband thinks they smell like grape candy and threatens to eat one every time he loads the dishwasher."

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i'm laughing so much at this.

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