Wednesday, November 25, 2009

clean sweeps

+ I'm a little concerned about the availability of method lately. Many of us have complained about how Target seems to just continue shrinking down their method product line from store shelves (such a stupid move, mind you!); and Target has been their biggest provider for quite a long time. Luckily, Lowe's Hardware got into the game, and while I'm not sure, I'm betting Lowe's and Target are probably the two retail stores where you can find the largest range of method products. In fact, we got a Lowe's a while back in my hometown (tiny town, let me tell you!) and mom was really excited about the huge end cap of method products! This was her chance to start purchasing them herself, as we don't have a Target (shock!)

So just yesterday, my family has come to Greensboro for Thanksgiving, and we were roaming Target (of course) and mom asked me about method, and mentioned the selection at her Lowe's store was pretty much non-existent at this point. And I've noticed this as well, earlier this year my local Lowe's had two big end caps full of method goodies! They've reduced this all down to one lonely end cap now! What's the deal? And I'm starting to receive emails from many advocates complaining about how these retail stores are removing their favorite method products, and asking what exactly is going on?

Are you noticing this at your local Target, or Lowe's stores?

+ Continuing my (apparently) downer method posts today (which I really don't mean to do!) well, my omop handle broke. Again. I straight up know even the method advocacy team is fed up with those omops. LOL Sadly! I LUST my omop, but really, truly, they need to take that thing in for a design upgrade. What was really weird is, usually the 'o' handle will just snap right off. But this time it cracked off, but had some weird thick flexible plastic around the whole handle, so it "stayed on" but you really can't mop with it, as it just sorta flops back and forth. Ha ha!

Luckily for me, I snagged up an extra one during my big method weekend with Danny Seo and Rachel Goldberg; so I'm not without an omop! But I wish I'd snagged a few more, as I know it's only a matter of time (I swear this is like omop #5 or 6 for me.)method, make the freakin' handle out of metal, like the pole is, and be done with it. It doesn't even need to be in an 'o' shape (though I get that would cause name confusion, but alas.) Whatever the case, I seriously love the omop (so don't get rid of it!), but it's TIME for a redesign.


Sprockets said...

Part of the Target issue is that Target likes to make cheaper generic copies of its best-selling name brand, and replace the name brands with its own line. You can already seeing this happening more and more in the cleaning product shelves, that method used to have such a big slice of.

I'm sad to hear that Lowe's is slimming its method. selection down as well! I was counting on them to replace Target as my main method. source.

In good news, I went to our Super Target yesterday and they had the manadarin mango hand wash! and omg, I love it! such a fresh and bright scent.

the holiday selection was so sad. bottom two shelves of an end cap. all they had was cinnamon bark and peppermint vanilla hand wash, and a few scattered candles. zero holly berry =/

also, i never see anything but sweet water laundry detergent. GROSS. fortunately I still have a good supply of the old version that i scored at Big Lots. I wish method would make laundry detergent and fabric softener in lavendar. or some other non-generic smelling scent. I didn't like fresh air much, but sweet water is unbearable. and i never see the go naked versions...

Quill said...

Oh yes. I have trouble finding Method products at my local Targets, and when I do, the selection is very poor. Once in a while I see them grouped together in a display, which is a nice visual but makes it hard for the casual shopper to find them, let alone compare them to other products.

I have seen the holiday endcaps, but I'm afraid the only thing I've focused on is the cinnamon bark handwash. ;) Three more bottles and I'm not done yet...

Rhonda said...

Yes- my Target is very low on Method Xmas products- there are only a few candles left. Its sad because I think the products do pretty well in Chicago, and this year they have almost dissappeared from the store. Costco also used to carry a few things- they don't in the store in my area anymore.

My OMOP also cracked in the handle- a clean break. The women from Method said it was redesigned at least once- the second time- it got more velcro- is that the one that broke on you Nate?

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