Monday, November 2, 2009

my precious...

Step away from the bottle. Remove your finger from the spray nozzle trigger, and just step away from the bottle. Do not release any of that wonderous elixir! Move, move, move!

Whew, that was a close call! You almost used an old skool treasure from my belusted method vault! One of those products that should, yes very much so, be currently displayed in MOMA! Because more than likely it will never be made again! Discontinued! All gone! Arrivederci! Sniff-sniff! And you lust it oh oh oh so much! So what's a boy to do, except hoard, hide, sneak, and every once in a long while, slip some of these items out, unscrew a cap oh so carefully, and take in a nice, smooth whiff of this scent heaven! Oh method, why have you forsaken me so!?

Come on, you all know what I'm talking about! (Uh, no, Nathan, we don't. Because you've obviously lost it.) I'm talking about those great method products that you've bought up in bulk, because at the time they were being discontinued, and they were your most favorite ever! And you'd bought eight, nay, sixteen bottles/jars/bowls/refills and just KNEW that would be enough to keep you in business for ages! You were set! Ha ha, take that method! But now, you're on your last bottle/jar/bowl/refill (how did THAT happen?!?) and so you decide, against your better judgement (and realizing that something used and loved is better than something hoarded away, but still) to sneak it away into the very back of your method product vault/hideaway. For this has now become a rare bit of method history. Your most amazing method scent/product ever... is no more.


method has changed a lot over the years, and I for one (again, needing mental help) just LOVE looking over items/scents, etc. from their past. Especially stuff that even I have never had the chance to try! (Vanilla melon all purpose spray cleaner, people! Did you even know this existed? Where was I when this was happening?! Tsk-tsk.) And two of the biggest ones (to me at least) have always been the bamboo and coral spray cleaners. Now these are some old skool method products. The method Holy Grail of products, I like to call them! In fact, check out these oh so freakin' awesome tags that were used as part of their product rollout, so very very long ago (I mean, these were two of method's VERY first products, to my knowledge! I will continue to swear to you that I at one time saw the bamboo spray cleaner in my local grocery store, AGES ago. And. Didn't. Buy. It. To this day, I cry and weep in the corner of my bedroom for hours upon this mere thought. Stupid, stupid Nathan! But alas, we must all let go and move on... in just a little bit, let me think about these products just a tad longer, I'm almost through, I promise; hold on a minute...) Are these tags amazing, or what? (Muy muchas gracias, Anna!)

Have you tried the coral spray cleaner? Have you ever even seen it? What about the bamboo? I honestly never thought I'd ever see either of these products. Then one day, just recently, a wonderful method lust reader (hey Jean!) casually posted about having some bamboo spray cleaner, and loving it so much, she retained just a small amount in the original bottle; and every once in a while would take in the divine scent, then seal it back up again! She simply couldn't bare to use the last remaining drops of a product she lusted so much! And yet, get this, she was willing to pour a little into a sample bottle, and send it to ME to try! Oh my word! Did I just fall through a rabbit hole? What was going on here?! And when I received that bottle in the mail, you would have thought it was Christmas day, method style!

Yes, we're both a bit crazy. But come on now, you know you are too. I bet you've done the same thing. Bamboo spray cleaner. Coral spray cleaner. Vanilla melon all-purpose. Magnolia dish soap. Chocolate Martini candles. What's your secret method vault obsession. Something that not only did you buy in bulk once it disappeared from store shelves forever, but NOW can't even bring yourself to use the last container of, because that would mean it would be gone... forever! Here are some of my all-time favorite selections, from my own method vault:

First up is the vroom brand auto product line. Now, honestly, I'll still use these on my car. Just sparingly. Not only did a lot of people not even know about this line, but it was but a blip on the radar, and then, gone! The sea flower (an amazing scent!) interior refresher is sublime, and then you have the wipes, interior protectant, and all purpose cleaner! Drool!

Then we have the iconic method dish soap in the bowling pin bottle, in MINT! I don't even have to say more than that. Mint. Iconic. Ugh, I just can't believe method doesn't still make the mint dish soap. It was so so very awesome!

And what do we have here? Fig aroma spray. Wowzers. Do you know why this is so rare, I can't bring myself to spray a drop of it? Cause not only was it out for a tiny bit of time (- mere months! it was a Fall limited edition) but it just happened to debut at the time when method had some issues with their aroma sprays, and pulled the ENTIRE lot of all aroma sprays from store shelves. Including the fig. Disposing of them all. So chances of finding fig aroma spray at your nearest Big Lots? Well, (though I could of course end up being wrong) I'd say "None! Never!" Oh oh my figgie poo. And then we have beach sage aroma spray! What's that, you say? They never made beach sage aroma spray? Well, but they did. And again while I could be wrong (and please let me know if you ever saw this actual product on your store shelves!) while method sent me a bottle, and said it was released at select Target stores in the US; I NEVER saw it hit a single Target store, nor did I ever hear anyone speak of having found it. So talk about rare? Crazy!

And then some of my favorite rosemary mint floor cleaner. Old skool floor cleaner in a stupendous scent that they really should think of bringing back! (This blows stinky old citrus leaf away! Ha ha! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

Even more! How about some hand lotion, in method's hand wash bottles; in both signature scent (secretly nothing more than sweet water!) and lavender? Or what about aroma sprays in spiced pear and frosted cranberry? When was the last time you saw aircare in the holiday line? (And it's disappointing every year that we don't, too!) Or some delicious candles in magnolia, creamy vanilla and spiced berry scents! (Confession, I actually burnt the spiced berry all the way down, but keep the box for posterity's sake!) Lemongrass hand wash! Only the most Heavenly grassy scent ever! And when I mention lemongrass hand wash to method, they're always like "lemongrass? When did we make lemongrass?!" Ohhhh. Seriously, I know method has to cater to the "lowest common denominator" when it comes to scents and customers who think Glade and Pine-sol smell fabulous, but some of the scents they've discontinued seriously have so much more unique wow! over a few of the subpar ones they've been using forever (I shall mention none by name.)

And oh, what about these really old skool cleaning spray bottles? We've got bathroom spray cleaner (in cucumber, which you can see is totally gone!) and some remaining grapefruit mandarin spray cleaner for the kitchen, which I can't bring myself to finish using, cause I lust it so! Whew!


So there you go! Old skool products, horribly hoarded away! Should they be behind glass protected with laser beam security, or used up and lusted while doing so? And what might your horrible hoard secret be? Do tell!


Rebecca said...

nathan, you never fail to crack me up. : )
I too lust me some Rosemary Mint floor cleaner, but used it up long long ago. Ah, kitchen floors that smelled like an Aveda salon!!

kirby said...

I wish I'd thought to hoard my retro method products! Loved the mint dish soap (but the container, not so much, it wasn't really user friendly). I do have one lone cut grass aroma spray that I use very sparingly when the mood strikes--and I know if I had seen a beach sage aroma spray, I would own like, all of them. And I gotta say, I visited the holiday method end cap shelf at Target (it's not even an entire end cap anymore, boohoo), and this year I think I'm going to hoard the Mrs. Meyer's holiday scents. Blasphemies!

kirby said...

Oh, and I forgot to reveal my horriblest hoard secret--my husband and I have something like, 20 beach sage body wash Bloqs stored away. We both lust it so much.

Anonymous said...

I cannot hoard cleaning products...cannot. I do make the sad face when I use up the last of a stockpile though.

Nathan Aaron said...

Kirby, unfortunately I totally agree with the Mrs. Meyers/Holiday endcap! This year's method display is totally sad. (I've got a post/rant HA HA on this coming up!) And while I hate to do it, if method can't supply me with my much beloved spray cleaners, etc. for the holidays (of which they know we'd snatch up in a second!) I'll have to go to another green cleaner for these! This year's Mrs. Meyers Iowa Pine is awesome! I'm going to buy the spray cleaner! I'd just DIE over some frosted fir spray cleaner from method! AHH! Drool! (Hint, hint, method!)

Sprockets said...

I using one of my saved up frosted cranberry hand washes right now, I lust it! Such a nice lingering scent on my hands.

I have about 4 bottles of the go getter mint bloq body wash stored away. I only use them in the summer ;)

A lot of scents I had vaulted have since been re-released, like spiced pear (mmmm), and peppermint vanilla.

method should REALLY bring back mint dish soap, and the rosemary mint floor cleaner (though the lemon ginger is great too!).

i've never really liked the ylang ylang shower spray... it is a bit overpowering and i have to leave the bathroom for a bit after using it! but the daily shower spray does work great, i never have to clean my shower doors.

i wish i had stored up more pomegranate tea scents. i just opened up some old winter berry aroma rings today for the holidays. i still have some citrus cilantro aroma rings and spray saved up ;)

Jamison said...

I'm burning an Iowa Pine candle now and LOVE it. Smells like Christmas. Mrs. Myers will be my new holiday product line.

Nathan Aaron said...

It's November 3rd, Jamison! You're early! LOL THE BEST Christmas tree scented candle EVER (in my humble opinion) is Bath and Body Works Tree candle. Every Christmas, I grab one. I mean, it's amazing!

Susanna said...

awesome! I love your blog. :-) I must say, I'm not one to hold onto stuff, and the only reason I still have my method body lotion is that it's not all that. (I have sandpaper for skin) But I keep it and cherish it for reasons I simply cannot divulge here.

Jamison said...

Nathan: My Christmas tree went up November 1st. When Target has decorated. Starbucks has decorated. My favorite places are Christmas red and green. Why not my home too. That way I get to enjoy it for 2 full months.

Nathan Aaron said...

Jamison, I take it you have a fake tree! LOL I can't imagine a real one lasting that long. I think I'd get tired of Christmas, though it does make sense! One month is NOT enough time!

kirby said...

Made a Target run tonight and decided I needed one of everything in Iowa Pine. And I'm totally going to start using it right this very second because I don't have any days off work for the holidays so naturally, I think I just need to stretch my celebrating and decorating out over a longer period of time. I also bought ornaments today. :)

Is it just me, or do the Method holiday scents seem a little more muted this year? All three are reminiscent of the 2007 scents, just a little softer.

Nathan Aaron said...

Kirby, I actually thought they smelled a bit fresher to me! But then I'm comparing them to my old OLD Hollyberry candles I have sitting around to use, so they HAVE to smell fresher than those! Ha ha! I'm honestly not sure, but I think they smell nice. I just wish they were in NEW scents! LOL

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