Sunday, November 22, 2009

holiday gone?

So I'm noticing something troublesome this weekend while strolling through two Target stores. It appears the method holiday line we've received in the stores MIGHT (and that's a big might, as I don't have any official word yet) be it. No additional shipments?

Upon sniffing around the first Target store, I noticed all the cinnamon bark candles were gone, AND the price tag had been flipped over, so it was just a white tag. method hand wash had been put in place of the candles. And at the second store, I noticed not only was the cinnamon bark candles gone, but the tag was gone as well. All that remained were the hollyberry and peppermint vanilla tags. and even the hollyberry candles were gone! So it looks like this might be a case of stock up while you can, because usually Target will just keep restocking when they sell out (especially since uhm, it's not even December yet?) but they're doing some weird things here this year.

Grab it while you can, advocates! I'll let you know if I can get more information on this!


Anonymous said...

Did you try Lowe's? I get the feeling method is not feeling as warm happy fuzzy with Target as they once were.

Sprockets said...

I agree Rebecca. Target really seems to be noticeably sliming down the shelf space and range of products given to method. It is most unreliable. My two stores never got the mango mandarin hand wash =/

I should check out the selection at Lowes more often. Target ALWAYS disappoints in the method. dept., they are always out of stock of something important, or don't even bother to carry it anymore =/

Nathan Aaron said...

Well, unfortunately the only problem with these are the Target exclusives (which is ironic, that Target has method exclusives, yet chooses not to stock them!) The mandarin mango hand wash and sea minerals spray cleaner are both exclusives; as are the holiday candles this year. So if they're not available at Target, you're only other bet is method's online store, or you're out of luck.

And unfortunately again, I've never seen Lowes carry method candles. Or pill or aroma ring refills, for that matter. They'll carry the entire pill and aroma ring. But you have to buy a new one every time (which is horribly wasteful) AND doesn't make much sense, simply because they have other brands they carry, and DO carry their plugin refills. Weird!

arturobandini2 said...

The three 2-packs of cinnamon bark pill refills I ordered from Method's website finally arrived. One of the vials shattered in transit -- the box was all slimy and my postal service office reeked of cinnamon. Very surprised Method doesn't insulate these 2-packs better for shipping (especially when they charge $12 for shipping three of them). It's just glass knocking against glass in those tiny boxes.

I'm equally annoyed that the online store's customer support was "unable to assist with this product inquiry" when I asked for a replacement. So that's that -- the last time I will ever order anything from Method online.

Logan said...

arturobandini2 did you call the method online store help line? When I did I was able to speak to someone both times and they were very friendly and helpful.

Netta said...

I have been having a hard time getting a lot of method products from both of my target locations. The selection is less and less to a point that is almost non existent. You literally have to go every few days to see if you get lucky. They never had the mandarin mango hand wash and never had the new line of body washes.
arturobandini2 call customer service and ask to speak to Todd. I had a problem with an order that I placed and he was very helpful and credited back my account and sent me a bunch of free stuff because of their error.

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