Monday, September 20, 2010

finds! - bloq

UPDATE I forgot to mention (and then method luster Sabrina reminded me!) I also found method glass, granite, and stainless steel microfiber cleaning cloths at Big Lots! I (believe, but I can't exactly remember) they were $2.50. Add'em to your Big Lots shopping list!


So yeah, you might all need to sit down for this one. No no, but seriously. I'll wait. Take your time. No rush. Ok. Seated? Good. Cause I got some big news for ya!

Big Lots has method bloq! Yes, yes, here are the smelling salts in case you start feeling lightheaded! Cause I'm talking bloq, from like what, two years ago?! In glorious green mint, beach sage, waterflower and citron leaf scents! In creamy body wash, shaving cream, lotion, and soap bars! At Big Lots! For one dollar each! One dollar?! Can you even comprehend that!? No, I didn't think so, cause neither can I! But it's true, I've had multiple method lusters let me know (thanks Jamison, and thanks for the pics, Jon!) And well yeah, I've discovered this for myself! In fact, I think they had to pick me up off the Big Lots floor after I turned the corner and saw those blocky square bottles just sitting there on the shelves!

"Where have you been?! Why did you leave me! It's been so long, so very very long! It's like, one day you just up and leave, and barely say goodbye (ok, well, you did throw that goodbye party, but still, I'm bitter, ok?!) and then you just what, you just go and take a two year trip to travel the Nile?! Or climb Mount Everest?! Or sit in some dark, dingy, warehouse? I mean, what is that all about! Then you reappear and pretend like nothing happened! "Hey, here I am! And I'm super cheap, too! Just cause, you know!" And I'm supposed to take you back in my arms, and love you like I once did, with no hurt feelings?!"

Ok, you got it! Now get in my cart! All of you. (Go. Big Lots! Now! bloq!)


Rebecca said...

Ha! I just saw this at my Big Lots too, and was going to alert you!
: )
Now, the question is... do I hold on to my aroma pill plug in, hoping that someday I'll find refills at Big Lots, or do I finally give up the ghost and toss it?

Nathan Aaron said...

I'd hold on to it! Obviously this is proof that you just never know what you might find at any given time! :)

Jon Glover said...

Yay! I like it when you use my pictures. :) Is it sad that I bought 4 body washes, 4 shave creams a lotion and soap and am still not sure if I got enough.

Also, at the big lots I was at the sale was in the advertisement and said it was good until Saturday the 25th. Not sure if the price goes up after that. Just a word of warning.


Nathan Aaron said...

Jon, it's definitely not sad. Trust me! LOL

Jon Glover said...

Haha. Okay good! But asking you is sort of like asking a chocoholic if I should have one more brownie. ;-)

Nathan Aaron said...


Sabrina said...

Thank you for posting this... I just RAN to the nearest Big Lots & bought one of each item (except the soap bars - I prefer my soap in liquid form)... must go to another BL tomorrow because tonight's store did not have the Green Mint body wash & I neeeed some of that! I also found some Squeaky Green bubbly bath for my daughter (she loves the cute container!) & a microfiber cloth for cleaning glass.

Nathan Aaron said...

Sabrina, we have good taste! For some crazy reason (obviously our good taste must turn into popular products and scents for method! No but wait, then why are they always being discontinued? ;) Because green mint body wash is in demand, and hard to find! for some crazy reason you can find ALL the scents in body wash, but barely any green mint! Sigh! Oh well, grab what you can!

kirby said...

Oh, my husband will be thrilled! He only has like, 8 beach sage bloqs left from our massive hoard when they first went bye-bye. :P

Jason said...

OMG! I love and miss these. :)

I am sure it's not a big deal but what kind of shelf life do these products have?

Jon Glover said...

I was actually wondering what the shelf life is too!

I now have quite a stockpile of these (including 7 shave cremes) ((Yes, I went back and got more. I'm so weak)) and was wondering if they are going to break down at some point.

They are already at least 3 years old, no?

Nathan have you ever learned anything about such things from your peeps at Method?

Nathan Aaron said...

Jason, Jon (and seven? Really? You still have nothing to worry about. LOL) I recall asking method this question WAY back when, and I believe their answer was two to three years. But I have a feeling they're being safe and conservative with that number. While these products are around two years (or more?) old now, they still smell great to me. The shaving cream smells perfect, the body wash and lotion seems like the scent may have waned a tad, but nothing major.

I'm right there with you concerning shelf life, but the last time I stocked up I did so in a limited manner, worried about them going bad. And in the end I used them all up, and they were fine. So pretty much I'm just gonna pray that they last (cause boy did I buy up some shaving cream. LOL)

Kirby should also be a good example, I mean, her husband STILL has eight bottles?! And they're good, so I think we'll be fine.

Jon, I also asked a person at Big Lots about the sale ending Saturday, and if the price would go up. While she wasn't completely sure, she looked at the packaging and said usually if the price is going back up, they'll price it as such, and put the lower price on the shelf advertising tag; so she had a feeling it was just an advertising promotion, and the price would still stay at $1. after Saturday! Whew!

Jason said...

Stopped in yesterday and found tons of these. Not too fond of a few scents, but I did walk away with 3 Green Mint body washes! I considered, but did not buy, the Green Mint shave cream, bar soap, and lotion. Might go back though... ;)

Jon Glover said...

Nathan, thanks for all the info. :) Yeah, think it will all be fine. I have some Aveda stuff that's been sitting around for years and it still seems fine. Only time will tell I guess.

Soooo. Out of much of this stuff have people been buying? You can tell us, we won't judge!

Here's my grand total and I hope it ends here:

Body Washes:
Green x 3, Blue x 3 and Pink x 1

Green x 1, Blue x 1

Shave Creams
Green x 6, Pink x 1

Green x 1, Blue x 1

That's a LOT of product for 18 bucks! :)

Did the Shave Cream ever come in the Sage? That scent is really growing on me.

Nathan Aaron said...

The shaving cream only came in citron leaf and green mint. I'm a total green mint fan, so I've bought a lot of that scent. The other scents just don't do it for me.

But (being a method addict, and I'm starting to think that's a serious addiction issue) every time I see method just sitting on Big Lots shelves, I feel the need to buy it all up! LOL So I just stand there and smell the other scents going "Hmm, maybe I could get into these... I don't know." But then realize I'm poor and to just WALK AWAY! LOL

Missy said...

Big Lots in Philly area had the block soaps, lotions, and body wash which I have never tried before b/c it was too pricey! So we'll see (I am sure I will love it). They also had the kid method stuff for $3.

Bastet said...

We do not HAVE a Big Lots. In fact, this is the first I ever heard of the store. And I was a major fan of the Bloq products, particularly the shaving cream.

I think I am going to cry...


Anonymous said...

I was excited to see these at my Big Lots as well, but I smelled all four scents and was pretty disgusted by all of them. They all smelled absolutely terrible :( which is something I'm not used to from method. Almost everything they make smells good.

kirby said...

At $1 a piece, we had absolutely no choice but to go back to replenish the hubby's beach sage bloq stash. Not so much a fan of the other bloq scents--not back then, not now. And our personal "method vault" has stayed delicious for years by being stored in low light/low heat/low humidity (not in the bathroom).

Anonymous said...

Never commented before but just an update on this - a Big Lots just opened at the end of October in my city, and they had body wash, shave cream and soaps for $1 apiece on the shelves when they opened. So I bought 10 green mint soaps - my husband thinks I'm crazy for having 20 soap bars stacked in the pantry but oh well.

Hoping omop supplies might show up at Big Lots at some point, too. Need to stock up on the microfiber pads now.

Thanks for your blog! Love it.

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