Monday, September 6, 2010


After spotting a quick note over on method's Facebook page, I did a snappy run over to Burlington Coat Factory, and tada, what did I find, but a few method candles! This method advocate posted that she'd found some sweet water candles, while I found pomegranate tea candles at my store! So it looks like it'll just be a surprise, method scent wise! Let method lust know if you find candles (or other method products!) at your local Burlington Coat Factory, or any other discount stores (Ross, Big Lots, Marshalls, etc!)


Bastet said...

I (heart) pomegranate so much and did stockpile the air freshener, but it's running out. I will have to find some of these candles. No Burlinglington coat factory within miles of me, cut there is a Marshalls.

I can hope. Now where did you take those Chicago pics?! I demand to know. I will be right there!

Nathan Aaron said...

Pics of Chicago, Bastet? Do explain. (Was it part of method's detox parties?)

Bastet said...

Oh, I see you were recycling old photos. That one was a year old. I copied down the address, but I doubt the store is still open. I'll drive by, but I think it's closed. It was a temporary store and, yes, people were doing impromptu detox parties. (Would that I had known about it, but I was late to your blog.)

I'm Lynn, BTW. Bastet is my Google name. You know, once you get one, you never get rid of it!

kirby said...

Not method but fabulous nonetheless--my local Ross has Mrs. Meyers Iowa Pine dish soap for $3. Not reeeeally a huge bargain but I was so enthralled with this scent last year that I was just happy to see it again. :)

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