Monday, September 6, 2010


method luster Jason sent in a couple of shots showcasing the newest method products hitting Target shelves (kitchen hand wash in basil and lemongrass, and hand sanitizer in sweet water and sea minerals!) Thanks, Jason!


James said...

Ah I've been slacking...I read your blog through google reader so it's not as convenient to post comments. I ran into the kitchen hand wash a couple of weeks ago in the St. Louis area...should've posted pics!

I don't think you've mentioned anything so I'm going to ask...are there plans to revamp the dish cube line? Is the pink grapefruit dish soap going away? Seems odd they'd discontinue that yet keep that scent of dish cubes.

Nathan Aaron said...

I don't think pink grapefruit as a whole is going away, just the dish soap. You can still find the hand wash, dish cubes, and spray cleaner, all in pink grapefruit scent.

Brit said...

I was at a RI target last night and found the hand sanitizer and new kitchen soap. I didnt get the soap yet...but I looovee the basil scent...yummm. I'm a big basil person and it just smells so yummy. The new hand sanitizer scent is nice too.

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