Wednesday, September 8, 2010

last chance lowe's

Whoa! I headed into my local Lowe's Hardware today during lunch, and oh how I wished I'd checked up on their latest lot of method clearance items weeks earlier! Cause I missed out on some good buys! But you may just get lucky (really lucky!) if you head into your Lowe's and find the following (these were the prices at my North Carolina Lowe's - I'm sure prices vary depending on your state, country, or planet:)

+ omop $12.77 (Ugh! How did I miss this deal?! Oh woe is me...)
+ omop microfiber cloths (wood and all-floor) $1.99
+ free + clear and sweet water squeaky green laundry detergent $4.88
+ water lily + aloe fabric softener $2.50
+ lavender cleaning wipes $1.99

Get them while the gettin' is good! (Or uh, all gone, in my case. But my Maneki Neko says "Better luck for you!") Yeah, you heard that right.


Rhonda said...

Aww.. I have so many mop refills- so I will have to pursue another Omop- this will be my 3rd! Gonna check out my Lowes..

Bastet said...

As, I told you, Lowe's is phasing out Method in Chicago. It might be a nationwide trend...

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