Friday, September 3, 2010

sneak peek - this n' that

UPDATE Looks like the kitchen hand washes (and hand sanitizers!) are hitting shelves as we speak! method luster Jason let us know he'd picked up the basil hand wash at Target a couple days ago, so I (of course, cause yeah, still, no life) ran to Target this morning, and there they sat all pretty and shiny on the shelves! You'll find the kitchen hand wash in the same aisle with the other method hand washes (not on the method specific aisle.) They have nice little neon green tags to catch advocates (and future advocates!) attention and let them know "No More Stinky Kitchen Hands - eliminates stubborn food odors like garlic + onion". So let method lust know if you find'em, and what you think! I'll have a one man review up shortly!


Just a quick shot of some new method products about to hit store shelves very soon (mid-September.) We've got ourselves newly designed hand sanitizers in sea minerals and sweet water, as well as method's new kitchen hand wash line (which helps remove nasty odors, including garlic, onions, fish, oh you get the picture!) in lemongrass (you will lust this, I promise you) and basil (basil will also be appearing in their new dish soap line, as well! - And yes, the kitchen hand wash line bottles are bigger, 18 oz. compared to the usual 12!)


Karin said...

Hmmm...wish they came in foaming hand wash. Am I the only one who prefers the foaming hand washes? I don't know what it is about the gel soaps, but I can thoroughly wash my hands and still have gel sticking between my fingers...then I have to, waste of water!

Nathan Aaron said...

Karin, use less! LOL Hmm, I'm TOTALLY joking, but I do wonder if that would work?

Everyone is different. I personally don't like foaming, not sure why. It's like, I'm washing my hands with fluff, it's just weird. Ha ha! Unfortunately, this line only comes in gel. BUT I don't think the foaming is going anywhere, might just be slightly harder to find. I know Lowes seems to carry method foaming hand wash (including eucalyptus mint scent!)

Jason said...

I found the two kitchen hand washes today at Target, $3.99 each. They both smelled good to me in the store, but I only bought the basil scent. Tried it when I got home and didn't care for the scent after using it. Call me crazy, but I kept getting hints of black licorice and I anti-lust that stuff with a passion!

I guess it's back to Mrs. Meyers again for me, which is now being carried by Walmart stores. Everything from laundry soap to hand wash and room freshener spray. I was shocked to see Walmart carrying such a large selection of Mrs. Meyers!

Jason said...

Forgot to mention that I am bummed that Method isn't making the Green Tea + Aloe hand sanitizer any longer. The Sweet Water is waaay too perfumey for me. I recently stocked up on the GT + Aloe....maybe I should order more? LOL

Nathan Aaron said...

Jason, I SWEAR if you like grassy scents, and lemon, you will LOVE lemongrass. I really can't get enough of it! It's so fresh and wonderful! And it actually does what it says it will (in terms of removing odors, etc.) Don't give up yet! Though I'm so jealous you found the new washes! I'm GOING tomorrow to check Target out! :)

Jason said...

Took that licorice/basil soap back to Target today and spotted the new hand sanitizers. $2.99 each. Love the bottles! But no sale because I don't like the scents. :(

Jason said...

Handsoap seems to be method's foundation. I doubt the deodorizing soaps will be a hit.

Sweetwater hand sanitizer... Awesome!

Meredith said...

I just went out and bought the lemongrass kitchen hand soap at Target. I can't wait until the "naturals" dish soaps are in stock!

Bastet said...

Mrs. Meyers! Oh, Yuck! I swear Whole Foods is in love with that brand. I can't stand it. I'd go with Seventh Generation before Mrs. Meyers, and that's saying a lot.
No, Mrs. Meyers. Bad, Mrs. Meyers.
I happen to love licorice, so I i think I'll like the basil...IF OUR TARGET EVER GETS ANYTHING NEW. I'm personally waiting for the fabric softener. Why are we waiting so long for that? What scent is it anyway?
Notice that Amazon has cut it off?
I'm still trying to figure how to get around the Target boycott. Anyone else dealing with that?

Anonymous said...

The basil and lemongrass scents are SOOO yummy!
and yes, the basil is a bit licorice-y. but well, so is basil!
can't wait for the dish soap!

kirby said...

I actually dig the new method basil scent even more than the Mrs. Meyers basil--and I was so obsessed with that one for quite some time. It's a very true basil scent.

stephenjames716 said...

was very excited for these new scents but can't stand the smell of the basil. all I can smell is black liquorish. :(

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