Monday, November 15, 2010

lavender cedar lust!

(As the Kool-Aid man would say) Oh yeah! Look what just popped up at Target! Our favorite lavender cedar laundry detergent, now in a 50-load bottle! (Sarah Stich should be so excited!)

So next time you stop in to Target, be sure to look for this big boy in the detergent section! And as you're walking down the aisle, be sure to proudly shout out loud for everyone to hear "Mmm, awesomeness ahead!" No one will make fun of you, I promise! (Or I'll come smack'em! You have my word. Really! Well, unless I'm off that day. I only work half days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I'm usually off on Sundays. But otherwise, I'll smack'em! Alright, well, maybe just whisper it to yourself as you walk down the aisle "(mmm, awesomeness ahead.)" That'll do.)


Sprockets said...


Is it more lavender or cedar smelling? I hope for the former, or a nice blend. I've never liked the method laundry scents really, so this is exciting! Will it makes its way to the fabric softener as well?? :)

Nathan Aaron said...

It's sorta a macho floral scent. LOL I think it smells more lavender in the bottle, more cedar-ish on clothing/sheets/etc. It's nice!

Jamison cOMBS said...

Wanna try it before you buy... a big bottle? The 25 load bottle is on sale this week at Target for $6.99. I'm thinking CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

netta said...

I tried it this past weekend and loved it. Nathan i think that you nailed the description of the smell. i totally agree.

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