Wednesday, November 3, 2010

return trip

Looks like method's tub + tile cleaner has made it's return to Target store shelves! The product had been clearanced from Target a couple months ago to make room for the new bathroom antibac cleaner; but quite a few advocates were missing their tub + tile eucalyptus mint fix! So it appears method (and/or Target) listened!

My only concern at the moment is the price ($4.49) as I can't remember if that's a new higher price point, or the same as the product previously carried. Right now it's more expensive than the rest of the bathroom line (lil' bowl blu and le scrub.) But I'd look for Target to give it a price cut before too long. Most of the time that's how things seem to work with Target. But for the moment, let's just celebrate tub + tiles return!

1 comment:

wisdomandpeace said...

Yay! I'm very happy that this hasn't been discontinued. About a month ago, I bought a case of it from Amazon just in case...

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