Thursday, November 4, 2010

over and out

Poor omop... and another method product bites the dust. Read the announcement here.


tracy said...

Method you are killing me here
The omop is the only mop on earth I actually think works worth a ding dang
Just because I stocked up at Lowe's with the 31 cent microfiber mop pads (oh yes I did)does not mean you should be abandoning the whole line

Plus while I am at it - I am still annoyed no more aircare. I had the last of a spiced pear candle this weekend and boy am I going to miss it.

I get it that the Method people want to concentrate on the liquid stuff but why turn your back on the people who actually fell in love with your company for the fact you did have unique things like the omop and aroma pills?
You test me Method - you reaaaalllly do

Jamison cOMBS said...

One word: BASTARDS!

Seriously. I hate this whole "core cleaning products (aka liquid in a bottle" line Method keeps using as an excuse to discontinue products. First it was Air Care, now the OMop. I wouldn't be as pissed if the "core cleaning products" really were that amazing and I could see the effort being channeled there, but really- how hard is it just to convert everything to that new damn pump they've come up with?! (Don't get me wrong, I love the pump.) More so I am pissed because my Creamy Body Wash went away (who knows why?!) and there are no Multi-Purpose Holiday Sprays this year. I also agree with what many users of the new dish soap are saying, it seems watered down. I am noticing I am going through a bottle every 2 weeks or so, instead of it taking me months like the old stuff.

(rant over)

Method: I know you read this stuff. Help me to fall in love with you all over again. (I do still love you... Just a little less.)

Anonymous said...

Got some dry cloth refills at Big Lots (Philly area) AND block hand soap. They also had the block bar soap, block body wash, micro-fiber cloths and kids body wash.

kirby said...

I picked up an extra oMop just in case as they were on their way out. :( At least the floor cleaners are here to stay (for the time being), I really do like the squeezy-sprinkly bottle.

TragicSandwich said...

I love the omop, but broke three in just over two years (the head snapped off the first, and then the handle off the second). Method always made good by replacing them with no questions asked, but my guess is that they never came up with anything that replaced the plastic joints--and those crack.

So while "focusing on core cleaning products" may be true, it's also a convenient cover story.

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