Monday, November 22, 2010

method holiday 2010!

method's holiday hand washes are finally starting to hit Target stores nationwide! Now the ho, ho, holidays can officially begin!

I noticed an end cap of method hand washes at my local Target today! Interestingly enough it was an entire end cap filled with your every day method hand wash scents (including the foaming hand washes that I could have sworn were discontinued from Target?! Maybe they brought them back for a bit to fill shelf space?) but on the second from top shelf sat hollyberry, cinnamon bark, and peppermint vanilla! So when you're out and about running over old ladies and beating down children this Black Friday, make sure to pick up some bottles of holiday method hand wash!


Now, just as interesting was, on the very top shelf of this method end cap sat a new brand of hand wash I'd never heard of, in three holiday scents! The brand was motif, and the scents were cyprus and pear, pomegranate and rose, and peppermint bark. The peppermint bark smells exactly like method's peppermint vanilla, the pomegranate and rose smelled like fruity roses (how this is a Christmas scent is beyond me?!) but the cyprus and pear scent! Oh my! It's like the light scent of christmas trees meets a fresh slice of pear! I'll definitely be picking this up! (How I wish Target was also carrying another year round scent of theirs, citrus zest and ginger. It's fresh ginger blended with zesty orange and lime with the warmth of clove and nutmeg. How holiday does that sound?! Wow!)

I did some research (well, what I could) into the brand, and found out it's made by Daub & Dauble, an upscale cleaning line (which is actually made by a company called Goodwell & Company.) The bottles definitely look like Daub & Dauble (with their cute wallpaperish bottle patterns.) Does anyone know if this company is a green/environmentally-friendly brand? All I've found on the motif site are a couple of comments including "naturally formulated with aloe, biodegradable and recyclable" (that sounds pretty green to me, right?) and "outside's as good as their insides" which sorta sound green, but actually could just be talking about the cute bottle designs and fragrances. So if anyone has any info., please comment!


kirby said...

I was starting to get worried that there would be no method holiday at Target this year! I won't be purchasing any this time around since I have all those scents (and then some) stockpiled from past years, but it just wouldn't have felt right if they didn't have *something* for winter.

Anonymous said...

Old scents. Old packaging. Nothing new. Big deal. I remember when I used to haunt my local Target waiting for the Method Holiday line.

Method peaked about 2 years ago. Sadly.

Anonymous said...

Method isn't even trying anymore. I will continue to buy their new laundry soap and fabric softener, but I've moved on for hand soap and other cleaners.

tracy said...

Just isn't the same without aircare anymore....

Nathan Aaron said...

I completely agree on the aircare, Tracy! No candles, no aroma spray, no luscious holiday aircare scents! :(

I also went to another Target around me, and they have YET to get the hand wash! They better get on the move, I say! ;)

Jason said...

I am having a hard time with air care as well.

Wouldn't an all purpose non aerosol freshening spray be awesome! You could use it in the air, on fabrics, trash cans and so on. I think it could fit into their liquid in a bottle mantra.

I can only buy so much hand soap method!

Missy said...

I just saw at the Home Goods in North Wales, PA Method peppermint vanilla and cinnamon bark candles in white containers. I only like the hollyberry, but if you like those, maybe your Home Goods has em!!!

kirby said...

So I found the holiday hand wash at Target--I don't know how long it'd been there because it wasn't where I'd normally look for it, it was back on a pretty well hidden end cap near the regular hand soap aisle.

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