Monday, November 7, 2011

coming soon!

UPDATE +  In addition to the spray cleaner refills (see below), other items we'll be seeing early next year have been mentioned over on method's Facebook page:

travel bottle of method laundry detergent (sneak peek)

"Has method started making/selling travel packets of laundry detergent?" method's response: "Why yes it is! The eight load sample size will be available early spring."


Also look for method to replace their daily granite bottle with a new larger size (same as their spray cleaners.) They've recently done something similar with their wood for good daily cleaner (which I've just now realized they should have called daily wood! Oh those that get that joke, shouldn't. Ha!) Though at the moment the daily wood cleaner and the smaller wood for good surface cleaner still both exist. But as of now method has provided daily granite refills in full size bottle packaging (minus the spray nozzle) so it looks like method is simply reducing all the packaging and making it one (larger) bottle. Whew, did you get all of that?


And there is also a mention of improving their antibac spray cleaner scents (which many people complain about, primarily because the thyme oil, necessary for providing the natural antibacterial properties, also gives the products a very strong scent.)

"Love all of your stuff but just bought two of the lemon verbena products and the scent is awful!" method's response: "We're working on new scents for our antibac line that are much more nose-friendly. - stay tuned."


Great news for refill fans! According to a couple of posts over on method's Facebook page, it looks like all-purpose spray refills will be in our future!

"Does method make a refill for the all purpose cleaner?" method's response: "We will have an all-purpose refill available at the beginning of February. - stay tuned!"

and if that wasn't enough, they also mentioned it a bit earlier:

"Hi, awesome method team!  I was just wondering if you were planning to release method all purpose cleaner in refills?" method's response: "We're actually working on it! We should have a refill for our all-purpose cleaner on shelves in February." 

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Unknown said...

But will this be the same formulation of Daily Granite as is in the small bottle? The Wood for Good "suface cleaner" small bottle and the Wood for Good "daily clean" big bottle are not the same thing at all (one is milky and one is watery), and I'm afraid the Daily Granite will be the same situation.

Nathan Aaron said...

Unknown, the two wood for good cleaners do different things (though I'm NOT totally sure what. The smaller bottle I think is more of a wood polish, with the larger being a simpler daily cleaner.) While the daily granite was just a smaller bottle, and a larger bottle refill. Now, they're just making it one larger bottle. Same stuff. Hope that makes sense.

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