Wednesday, November 9, 2011

sneak peek - spring 2012!

The sneak peeks for next year keep on comin'! And after method gave editors and bloggers a special presentation of these new spring 2012 product assortments, online site Core77 revealed the following products and information. And excerpt from the article:

"The company has also continued to increase their use of the shrink-wrapped labels that first appeared on the detergent bottle. Shrink-wrapping enables graphic flexibility while keeping the plastic eminently recyclable. Method "Product Czar" Don Frey told us that coloring the plastic bottle itself would mean downcycling when it reached a recycling facility: it would become a lower grade plastic bench instead of being reconverted into a higher use plastic bottle. But if the graphic treatment is shrink-wrapped rather than integrated into the form, the bottle's plastic can be recycled at a higher grade and the materials used longer.

Using the shrink-wrap tactic also means that method can visually differentiate clear liquid soaps without resorting to the use of artificial dyes.

But in spite of all this awesomeness, method isn't getting lazy or relying on greenwashing, either. On their website, co-founder Adam Lowry writes:
At method, we want to be a sustainable business, but we recognize that no business is sustainable yet. That's why we've geared our company to be the best at getting better. Our sustainability philosophy starts with our mission to Inspire a Happy, Healthy Home Revolution, and centers around using innovation to create positive change. But mere sustainability is not our goal. We want to go much farther than that. We want to become restorative and enriching in everything we do so that the bigger we get, the more good we create. We are striving for sustainable abundance.
Amen. Lookout for method's new packaging for their toilet bowl cleaner set to come out this Spring!"

You can read the entire article here!

Awesome! I have to say, while I haven't seen any of the new hand washes in person (so far nothing has hit store shelves), I will say at first I wasn't too keen on the idea of shrinkwrap packaging. It can simply look sloppy. But if they can get away with making them look as amazing as the (hopefully soon to hit stores) Designed for Good line, and this new spring hand wash line look, I'm all for it. The designs on these bottles are absolutely gorgeous!

Starting at the top we have, in new spring scents: (first photo) watermelon patch, daffodil bouqet, and (second photo) coconut grove.) Below you see the updated wood for good polish bottle (left), and new wood for good oil soap! And of course, as the article states, they're also working on new packaging for their toilet bowl cleaner set. Notice the word set, there. Hmm... (I have to say, I like the toilet bowl bottle, so I'll be sad to see it go.) 


Logan said...

SO excited about the coconut and watermelon!!! How dare they not invite you, you ARE the method blog.

bittersweetsonata said...

That's not okay at all. In fact, I just made a comment about it on the blog post related to it. Your site is by far one of my favorite designs for any site and a great asset to method. They shouldn't take you or the lusters for granted. We'll see if my comment gets approved, but even if it doesn't, please know that this is the source that I will continue to use and tell people about when it comes to method products.

As for hand soap scents, I'm going to get a season off. Not interested.

Jamison Combs said...

Very excited about the coconut scent. The new bottle graphic designs are hot, but I also love the simplicity of the old bottles (solid colors). You know how the currently bottles have the "m" imprinted on them? I am hoping they remove that since the shrink wrap doesn't line up with the "m." It really isn't noticeable unless you're OCD as hell like me. Just seems like removing the "m" will be a way for Method to cut some cost.

kirby said...

COCONUT?! I am lusting so hard right now, you have no idea...

Gary said...

I will purchase these when they come out--of course, I will, I have "the sickness" (I mean, seriously, I read "method lust")--but I'm still on the fence about the designs vs. clear bottles. I understand they want to "up their game"...and their creative people are probably itching for something to do besides come up with fanciful names for their scents. But seriously, I just want clear bottles with purdy smellin', appropriately colored soap. Of the three, the watermelon and daffodil seem the most compelling...if method can do something subtle and unique with them. But as for coconut, I prefer to eat it with dark chocolate in a Mounds bar. Not sure it'll be a favorite scent for my hands.

Anonymous said...

Idea! You can remove the shrink wrap and have the pretty tear shaped bottle without any of the text on normal bottles.

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