Tuesday, November 1, 2011

sneak peek - 'for the season' hand washes

UPDATE +  Some people (including myself) seem to be having problems finding the new 'for the season' line of method hand washes. Well, method said yesterday on their Facebook page "...they will be available in most Target stores with expanded food selections (not necessarily 'Super' Targets). we'll have them online soon in case you can't find them in stores." Hmm... I don't know enough about how Target stores are set up, but I've always only noticed the regular stores (and we have three around me) and then the Super stores (with the really large grocery section.) Is there an "in-between" that might have an expanded food section? No clue. At any rate, I'm kinda disappointed with this, as these might be more difficult to find than I had thought. Good luck!


You know, I've said it before (and probably before that, but hey, I enjoy repeating myself. Do people enjoy listening to me repeat myself? Well, that's a whole other story...) But the thing is, no matter how much snooping and scooping and hunting and pecking and bribing and begging I do, there's always something method is gonna sneak past me! And so, here's a perfect example. Apparently people have just started finding new 'for the season' hand washes popping up on store shelves, with not a mention of such things on method lust?! For shame, Nathan, for shame. But honestly, I had no clue! - For reals!

The new hand washes are interesting. They aren't holiday/Christmas. But they don't really say they're a limited edition line, either. They definitely look holiday to me - bottles in bright reds, iridescent purples, a little berry twig on the packaging. But they're not. So let's just call them fall/winter limited edition and be done with it! They come in baked apple (which I hear has a kind of cidery apple scent to it, that could be amazing!), winter oak (some people say it's wow! Others say it smells like men's cologne, but I'm really excited to check this one out!) and toasted vanilla bean (which probably smells like it sounds. Possibly the least exciting of the three, but hey, everyone has a black sheep in the family, right? Joking, toasted vanilla bean, joking of course. You're special, too!) They are gel hand washes, though from the photo below it also looks like the toasted vanilla bean comes in foaming!

method luster Gary was ever so nice enough to send along some pics of the new bottles sitting on his Target store shelves! (I haven't found them yet at any of the three Targets near me, therefore I hope they realize I'll be stalking Target for a couple weeks until they appear! :) He also sent along a shot of some of method's new in-store displays (see above.) Have you seen these near you? Picked any of them up? Thoughts? And be sure to look for method's holiday line of hand wash and dish soap hitting shelves near the end of November!


Jason said...

yes! Thank goodness I don't have to settle for the holiday hand wash.

bittersweetsonata said...

They aren't at my Target yet either, nor is the holiday collection. Actually, to be frank, my method section keeps getting smaller and smaller. I'm pretty sure they didn't even have any fabric softener at all-not even fresh air. I really don't want to pay shipping and handling off the site-I'd do it for unscented fabric softener and aircare but not for spray cleaner. It's looking like Lowes and Whole Foods will have to be alternate sources but I don't get there often.

Jamison Combs said...

Seems Target's decision to only stock the "For The Season" line in select stores was an odd one. I've checked three Target stores here in Columbia, SC, including one that is considered to have an "expanded food section" but lacks fresh food. I know Target has been adding fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and meat to some stores in what they're calling PFresh. (More info on PFresh concept here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Target_Corporation#PFresh

Guess the bottom line is that many of us will either have to order via Method's website or wait for the holiday scents. I hate that Method and Target would greatly limit product availability and make these scents out of reach for so many.

bittersweetsonata said...

I most certainly have a regular Target and a Super Target near me. I recently went to a Super Target while on a trip that had a far better organic selection but the Method section was pitiful. I just looked and the Target near my old apartment was a PFresh location. They did have a slightly better method supply but it still was getting slashed before I left. In all honesty, the only changes we got when they went PFresh were two more aisle of frozen cases, some dairy, and bananas at 75 cents a piece, not per pound.

Does driving out of the way to get soap defeat the purpose of environmentally friendly products? How about the carbon footprint from having them delivered to me in a small, separate package, instead of to a store in bulk? These are the questions I start to ask.

Meredith said...

I found them in my (fresh-food-selling) Target last week. They weren't in with the rest of the Method items in the cleaning section or on an endcap, though -- they were over in the dedicated hand wash section (alongside the hand sanitizers and, previously, the Mickey and Minnie hand washes). I almost left without buying them because I didn't see them at first.

FairlyCharmed at Etsy said...

By the By the in between Target store is called a "Target Greatland" (it's the only thing available in my area unless we drive into Chicago. It has more food than a Target, but not enough groceries to be called a Super Target.

However, we did see the holiday scents pop up right after Halloween if I remember

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