Thursday, November 10, 2011

vote n' save!

UPDATE + method was the big winner in the Battle of the Brands! Use promo code SOAP30 to save 30%! And method luster Jamison let me know that if you're a new customer, they'll also give you an additional 20% off! Plus free shipping! Win, win, win!

Do your part, and vote! Vote for your favorite household brand (and by favorite household brand, I mean method, of course!) And the winner will be 30% off at starting on Black Friday (should Black Friday be capitalized? Or is it lower case? Is Black Friday like, an official holiday now? Nah. Should I be putting this much brain power into this? Nah...) through Cyber Monday (which is the monday following Black Friday black friday. Wait, should Cyber Monday be... oh wait, never mind.)

1 comment:

Jamison Combs said...

Take that 30% off they're now offering and combine it with the 20% off they offer for being a first time customer and you get a whopping 50% off WITH FREE SHIPPING! You can't beat that!

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