Friday, January 27, 2012

clean sweeps

Update + More items discovered! the method anti-bac wipes are also clearance priced! Not sure if this means they're going away, or it's simply a package redesign...

+ Be sure to head on over to your local Target to check out their latest method clearance markdowns! While I was there yesterday I noticed the lemon mint dish soap is on clearance (and they had a lot of it, must have just gotten in a shipment), as well as the smarty dish cubes (...which is odd. But I think they might simply be clearancing out the old packaging to make room for the new packaging!)

Also clearanced was the lavender floor + surface cleaner. What was weird was they had some in a cart with clearance tags on it, and then the rest on the shelf was still normal price. Perhaps they simply hadn't gotten to marking it down yet. It kind of irritates me (and by kind of I mean lots and lots!), because as usual Target clearances out the lavender (which I lust, lust, lust!) and keeps the clementine (which bores me silly.) Target loves to get rid of my favorite method scents. Bad Target, bad!

So be sure to head on over and pick up some clearance method goodies while the gettin' is good!

+ I also noticed a few more new method products popping up at my local TJ Maxx stores. The latest is method's hand sanitizers. So far I've only seen it at TJ Maxx in sweet water, but who knows! So keep checking that store out, as well, since they had even more stuff recently!

+ Have you noticed any method lovelies showing up at places they wouldn't normally be showing up at? (Big Lots, Marshalls, Ross, etc.) If so, let method lust know!

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josh said...

A few weeks ago, I picked up some violet bloom handwashes at TJ Maxx for either 1.50 or 1.99, I forget!

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