Friday, January 27, 2012

first shots - lime + sea salt

method's new limited edition lime + sea salt line!

Wow! method luster Gary (who might be giving me a run for my money! Alright, dueling spray bottles at 12 noon, Gary! Cue the rolling dust bunnies across the wooden floor!) has found the new limited edition lime + sea salt method goodies at his local Target!

...well, found might be a tad incorrect. Rather, he didn't find them at the two Targets he visited, so he asked customer service, called the third Target, they went into the warehouse of the store and brought them out to him! They hadn't even hit store shelves yet! Wow, I might need to try that trick next time I head to Target!

So while you're waiting for the lime + sea salt fun to begin at your local store, check out the pics he took of his finds (thanks, Gary!) and you can read all the cute blurbs method put on the back of each bottle. Enjoy!

all-purpose spray cleaner

gel hand wash

dish soap

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