Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sneak peek - toilet bowl cleaner

Update + method had this to say about lil bowl blu over on their official Facebook page (with apologies to method luster Karin) :

"Carissa, we're about to release an innovative new product for the toilet, so unfortunately it means we have to say good-bye to lil bowl blu. stay tuned."


Sometimes method will make it easy on me! Well, easier, at least! You don't think they just hand me all these sneak peeks and snappy banter, do you? Puh-lease, sister! But here's a rare opportunity! a method photo op that reveals an upcoming new spring product! (Well, actually there are a bunch of brand new spring products in this photo, but we've discussed all of them previously!) Take a sneek peak look at method's new toilet bowl cleaner (previously known as lil' bowl blu!) Check out the new bottle shape! It looks like it curves slightly, sorta giving it a banana shape appearance (except we're seeing the flat side in this photo.)

In a previous online article, core77.com had stated "Lookout for method's new packaging for their toilet bowl cleaner set to come out this Spring!" so I knew this was coming! 'Set' is the intriguing word here! More info as I know! Thoughts?


toilet bowl said...

great idea
it must easily clean the toilet bowl.

Karin said...

Welp...they may have just lost my business...or whenever the original toilet bowl cleaner disappears forever. Unless the scent stays the same...because I haven't liked any of their "updated" scents. Total bummer. P.S. Method, I find myself buying more and more Mrs. Meyers products...I'm sure they'd like to thank you for the changes you've made to your company.

Corinth said...

Sounds like an effective, convenient product! I will suggest this to our Long Island plumbers for easier toilet cleaning and maintenance.

Maia Dobson said...

I've used that toilet bowl cleaner once and they're very goo din cleaning. It's also fragrant because I could still smell it even as I was working through using my pipe bursting equipment.

George Smith said...

I've heard this is a very effective toilet bowl cleaner. My friend recommends it to me but still have time to go out and purchase one. I can't wait to use it.

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