Friday, January 27, 2012

sneak peek - lime + sea salt and body washes

How about even more sneak peeks? Well, sure thing, method fanatics! First up, better shots of the new lime + sea salt limited edition all-purpose spray cleaner, dish soap and gel hand wash! You can read more about these beauties in the post below this one! And if that wasn't enough, more surprises will soon be hitting store shelves, including... method moisturizing body washes (called pure naked) in olive leaf and white tea! Yes, it's true, method is bringing back two of their original body wash scents! At first I was ready to poo-poo the news with an ole' "Oh, those are just old products..." until I saw the photos and went "Whoa, they're back!" I'll miss almond flower (the third scent in this original moisturizing line) but I lusted the olive leaf like crazy, so I'm excited!

These should be hitting Target store shelves within the next month or so! Will you be picking these up? Excited some of your old favorite scents are returning to the body care line? (And special thanks to Gary for pointing me to the pics!)

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