Monday, January 30, 2012

sneak peek - refills + more!

new magnolia, olive leaf and white tea pure naked body washes

We're not done yet, youngsters! Oh no, not by a long shot! So pay attention, ok? Cause you don't want to be left out of all the method "in the know", do you? Of course not! Even more body wash 411 is coming your way! Looks like fans of method's current body wash line (the marine naturals body wash in refresh mint, waterflower, and sea minerals) might want to start thinking about stocking up very soon, cause I'm placing a big fat bet they are all about to go bye-bye, ciao, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu, adieu, adieu, to you and you and you, and... oh wait, where was I? Darn those musical numbers that play randomly in my head! Yes, marine naturals is out, pure naked (in olive leaf, white tea, and magnolia) is in! method had a magnolia candle way back when (I'm talkin' way, way back!) so I'm curious to see if the scent is similar. Look for these to be hitting store shelves very soon! Within the next few weeks, I'd say!

new glass + surface, new lavender all-purpose and daily shower 68 oz. refills

Along with the new body wash line, you can also expect a new 68 oz. refills bottle line (that's almost two and a half bottles of method bliss!) Soon to be appearing are both glass + surface and all-purpose spray cleaner refill bottles! (Lavender is shown in the all-purpose above, though I'm sure more scents will be coming along for the ride.) And, the refill bottles get a slight makeover, as well!

+ Along with all these new sneak peeks, I've seen even more clearanced method product on Target's shelves this weekend! As mentioned above, the marine naturals body wash line is outta here, the sweet water and sea minerals hand sanitizer bottles are on clearance, and I also noticed the limited edition pink grapefruit dish soap saying their goodbyes.

In addition to those, oddly enough along with the clearanced lemon mint dish soap, are some lemon mint dish soap bottles still on store shelves at full price without the limited edition tag, so this scent might be switching over to one of method's new regulars.

And lastly, the lil' bowl blu (toilet bowl cleaner) was also on clearance. My prediction for this is, method has admitted they are revamping the bathroom line, so I'd expect to see a new lil' bowl blu product/packaging in the near future, possibly with additional bathroom items, or an also reworked le scrub, etc. Time will tell!



Karin said...

Oh my gosh if method changes my beloved lil bowl blue and le help me I will scream! Pretty much the only remaining products by method that I will use...they've failed me on all the rest (r.i.p. candles, air sprays, plug-ins, non-fake smelling handsoaps!). :(

Anonymous said...

these are available at as well as the spring hand wash collection.

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