Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So if you remember, months and months o' go, Big Lots got in a slew of method's original wet dryer sheets! In ALL scents - sweet water, water lily + aloe, go naked, nectarine blossom, and... oh, but WAIT! No lavender + juniper. Only, people, my most favoritest scent of them ALL! What was the deal'e'oh!?

Well, the stars have finally lined up! Walking into my local Big Lots yesterday, what did I just discover, but lavender + juniper wet dryer sheets! In fact I had to do a double take? "Wha? Are those what I think those are?" Why in the world this one scent was "held" for months is beyond me, but uh, I have no clue how this secondary sales market stuff goes. And really, who cares? Cause I got me some lavender + juniper! So I snatched up five packages! I lust me some lavender + juniper!

I also noticed the original method baby laundry detergent sitting on the shelves. So it looks like they've recently received a new small shipment of method laundry products (other users have noticed more water lily + aloe laundry detergent as well.) So head on out and stock on up!

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Jason said...

I grabbed the last 4 wet dryer sheets at Big Lots...they were all the Go Naked type. I'd love to find some scented too!

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