Monday, September 7, 2009

u review! + contest!

method lust wants YOU! - To review, that is! Well, and to bring me chocolate chip cookies and a large glass of milk, too! MMM, cookies. I think I might need to go to the grocery store here in a bit, now. No no, don't you realize you already can't fit into half the pants you own? But we're talking about chocolate chip cookies here! Oh yes we are. Pants come in bigger sizes, you know. Bring on the cookies...

So while I'm getting the cookies (see how you got out of that one? Sneaky, sneaky you!) you can write a review! I want you great method lusters to write a review on the new sea minerals spray cleaner! Have you given it a try, what do you think? Let everyone know!

All you have to do is post your review in the comments section of this post, quick and easy! How did you use your sea minerals all-surface spray cleaner? And did it work (as in clean!), how'd you like the smell, etc.? And how many stars do you give it (out of five?) In true one man review style, you can be a guest reviewer here on method lust!


AND just by submitting your review, I'll select one person to win a snazzy little method advocacy kit (see post below for details on what's inside!) So get reviewing, ok? Great! I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of the new sea minerals spray cleaner!(Haven't purchased your very own sea minerals spray cleaner yet, to review? Never fear, check the next post to see how you can win a method advocacy kit another way!)


Brandon Makrides said...

Hey Nathan,

I bought the Sea Minerals all surface cleaner for my dorm and love it! I can use it on everything from our sink counter to my desk, no need to get different cleaners. Love the smell too!

5/5 stars for me!

Ej said...

I bought it on a recent Target run(was trying to find the mango tangerine but alas that was no where to be found - boo).

I really didn't like the sea minerals scent in the hand wash so I didn't think I would like it. My bff and I sprayed it in the aisle(tsk tsk - I know) and I actually liked it.

Brought it home and really like a kitchen spray. For some reason it works in a spray but not a soap for my nose.

My love of the all purpose spray is well known(lol) and just like the go naked, this one works like a charm :)

kirby said...

I find it quite lustable. It reminds me of the short-lived sea minerals body scrub that I seemed to be the only person who liked (but for some reason I just don't dig the sea minerals hand wash, what the heck).

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