Tuesday, September 22, 2009

now you can be the pro chef!

Ugh, I've had one heck of a weekend (you don't even WANT to know!), which ended with me being sick and feeling rather crappy; which has lead me to taking today off in an attempt to kick this thing! But never let it be said I won't sacrifice my health and happiness for method lusters! Ok, so perhaps that's a SLIGHT exaggeration? Who knows, I'm too stuffed up to think it through clearly...

I just had to take a moment to crawl out of bed and let you know about method's new pro chef line! The new line features, well, let's just let method do the talking (and me do the sneezing):

"whether you’re a serious cook or you think cooking involves a phone and a take-out menu our newest pro chef line will be sure to please you. kitchens tend to be the central gathering place in the home and pro chef is just the right line to get your kitchen ready to greet guests or make a sandwich.

the pro chef line is now available exclusively at Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

the line includes a stainless steel cleaner that is a whopping 28 oz. of superpowered formula to avoid leaving any streaks behind. so not only can you purchase less often you can also finally wipe those nasty fingerprints off the fridge.

also included is a 28 oz. spray bottle of granite cleaner, specially designed for granite, marble and other natural stone countertops and surfaces. natural stone is classic and durable, but it needs special care to be sure you don’t strip the sealer and allow water to get in the stone.

lastly, we have a special multi-surface cleaner to get rid of grease and food splatters while leaving behind a yummy citrus cilantro scent. it smells so good people will think you’ve been chopping fresh herbs and lemon wedges with a touch of lime."

Cool! I'm curious if the method line of products will continue to expand in Bed, Bath and Beyond stores. Some people find method products there already; but mine are (currently) method free. So perhaps this new line will help get them jump started in all their stores!

You can head on over to method's people against dirty blog, and have a chance at winning this new line! Contest ends October 2nd, so hurry!


And uhm, can I just be the (only one, probably) to say UGH! to citrus cilantro. I know there are plenty of fans out there that lust this scent; but method is loving reusing old scents this year, and between citrus cilantro and citron leaf (two scents I feel are very, very similar; and neither one do I really lust) I'm hoping next year shows them bringing us some new scents to sniff! Cause I for one am citrus cilantro/citron leaf/citrus leaf'ed out! (But I still lust you, method!)


Rebecca Welch said...

This line has me contemplating dropping method altogether.

Nathan Aaron said...

Don't hold back Rebecca! LOL

I'm curious, give me your reasons!

Jamison said...

OVERPRICED! I just hit up BB&B for a bottle of the Multi-Surface. Thankfully I had a coupon from Method, otherwise it would have cost me $8.99!

WTF?! Why is BB&B selling Multi-Surface for $8.99 when I can go right next door and get it at Target for $2.99? Crazy!

Rebecca Welch said...

Well there's reason #1 right there. $8.99?!? Seriously??? Nuhuh.

Reason #2-it isn't pro anything.
Repackaging 2 useless cleaners and calling it pro is not only misleading but offensive.

WTF was method thinking on this one?

Nathan Aaron said...

Jamison, $8.99 IS feakin' insane. Wow. Though Bed, Bath and Beyond, and for that matter, at the time, Linens and Things (until they went belly up!) always have a tendency to jack up their prices (especially on method products.) But that's just a crazy price. I guess the "Pro" is supposed to result in a higher price point.

Rebecca, while I don't necessarily think the products are useless (I lust the stainless steel cleaner, and their multi-surface cleaners are of course great as we know; I'm sure the granite cleaner works well; I just don't have any granite, hence no need for the cleaner) I DO get the point you're making about just repackaging the product. Obviously if method is putting out the best product they can, then their everyday brand should be PRO enough. Know what I mean?

I have a feeling Pro Chef was created moreso as just an exclusivity brand of method that Bed, Bath and Beyond could carry. I'm noticing exclusive products from brands are becoming a big thing (even Seventh Generation has certain scents "only available at Target", etc.) and method is continuing this with their ginger yuzu at Whole Foods, and now the Pro line at BB&B. At that price point, though, this stuff might be dead in the water.

And I do also agree with the idea that while method seems to be making surprisingly odd product decisions lately, such as this Pro Chef line; they continue to ignore (what I feel are, at least) products advocates have been asking for quite a while now; carpet cleaner, an updated auto line, additional personal care products, etc. So sometimes I sorta wonder how well method is listening to their fans as of late?

Just something I've noticed... thoughts?

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