Wednesday, September 23, 2009

method quickies


Thought I'd answer a couple various comments section questions/concerns real quick here! I think I'll start doing that from time to time, in case some of you might not always read the comments section, etc. So, here we go!

+ The method pro chef line has just been announced, and it's already got some people up in arms over the pricing of the products. I stepped into one of my local Bed, Bath & Beyonds tonight, and indeed found both the granite and the stainless steel cleaner. Apparently they had yet to get in any shipments of the multi-surface spray cleaner.

The multi-surface cleaner comes in citrus cilantro; while the stainless steel and the granite appear to (as I gave them both a sniff test!) come in their orchard blossom scent (the same scent the small bottles sold at Target come in.)

Apparently these are specialty exclusives made for method lusters who are also foodies supposedly professional versions of method's three cleaning sprays; At first glance it appears they have a higher price point! Each bottle (28 oz.) comes at a cost of $8.99!

But then I started doing some breakdowns. Math isn't my strong suit, but I figured this one out. (Clap for me, clap for me!) The target bottles of stainless steel and granite cleaner both come in 12 oz. at $3.99. So two bottles at 24 oz. would be $8.00. Break down the 12 oz. price per ounce, and you get 3 oz. for $1.00. 12 oz + 12 oz. + 3 oz. = 27 oz. at a cost of $9.00 Target price. So you're actually getting a deal with the Bed, Bath and Beyond bottles; receiving an extra ounce for free! Cool!

Now the down side is, (according to reader Josh (getting mixed reports at the moment. Ha ha! Wow, this sounds like live coverage!) the multi-surface cleaner is $5.99; which would match the pricing of the Whole Foods exclusive ginger yuzu cleaning spray (but is still $3.00 more than any of the method cleaning sprays available at Target.) Apparently BB&B decided to just hit that price point line wide; giving the multi-surface spray cleaner the $8.99 price point, as well (according to method luster Jamison.)

+ Reader Karin mentioned having no idea what method was thinking when they went and recolored their lil' bowl blu bottle, turning it into a somewhat garish blue! And I sorta have to agree! They've kept the original color with their le scrub; perhaps they're testing both versions to see which sells better. But I have to say, I really liked the nice, spa like, clean blue they originally had. So YES, to answer your question Karin, you CAN pour the contents of the new bottles, into the old ones. I did a test just today! The squeeze top twists off (don't be afraid if it feels like it won't give) and then there's this little piece inside you just pop out, pour the contents of the new (not pretty) blue bottle into the old blue bottle; pop the piece back in, twist the cap back on (the cap is exactly like the dish soap, if you've ever taken that off. It also has the little piece in the center) and tada, you're ready to go! So, yes, perhaps we're a BIT insane to do this just so we can keep a bottle color/design we like. But I say, be insane! Design (and color taste) matter!

All for now!


josh said...

all-surface pro chef spray is 5.99 at the bb&b near me. still not 2.99, but beats 8.99!

Nathan Aaron said...

Ah, interesting! Thanks, Josh!

jwilli said...

keep in mind BB&B usually mails out 10% off coupons. so, that will result in additional savings provided they can be used on purchases of method products.

katie said...

josh said...

i kept forgetting to pull these off my phone. here are shots i took when i first saw the prochef stuff at bb&b.

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