Thursday, September 24, 2009

pardon me, do you have any q+a?

Oh, get ready for something fun! - And new! - But not improved! Cause well, we've never done it before, so how can you improve something before it really exists? I don't know! Ask your science teacher, and get back to me on that! Until then, let's move on, ok? Alright!

Let's get ready for the first ever method lust q+a session! I'm always seeing comments with questions, thoughts, rants, raves, and it got me to thinking! (Which is sorta rare.) Why not take'em to the experts? Great idea, Nathan! Why thank you, I couldn't have thought it up without your help! Oh pish posh, but I do appreciate a good pat on the back every now and then! Well, pat pat to you, my good sir!

Are you ready, cause here's your chance! I want you, oh yes, YOU, to give me your questions! Anything! Good, bad, happy or sad! Mean or pleasant! Don't hold back! Carte blanche, baby, carte blanche! Throw method lust your questions in the comments section of this post; once we've rounded up a bunch, I'm going to sift through them, selecting a wide variety, and send seven or so on over to those method advocate experts! Then they're going to ANSWER your questions, and I'll post the results here on method lust's first ever (did I already say that?) q+a session!

Sound like fun? So get to askin' already! And like I said, don't hold back! This is your chance to be heard! If this goes well, we might make it a semi-regular thing here on ole' method lust! Oh wait, those experts don't know that yet, do they? Shh, I won't tell anyone if you won't.

Now get! Why haven't you asked a question yet? (OH, you're thinking of one! Well, ok, in that case...)


Corrie said...

OK, my question is, how effective is Method against bacteria and viruses on surfaces? It does a great job cleaning up the visible mess, but what is it doing to the other "creepy crawlies" that like to hang out? Thanks!

Michelle Salyers said...

Ok, I absolutely LOVE Method products. I have been using them for many years, since I saw the first product in the stores. I am an exclusive Method addict, from dishwashing, floor cleaning to laundry detergent.

BUT....the Method "O" Mop needs a re-engineering!!! I purchased one several years ago when they first came out. Within two months, the handle came apart from the mop head. Soooo, I saw what I thought was a newer design in the store about a year ago, so I just HAD to have it and give it another try. Guess what? ANOTHER BROKEN MOP!!

I just don't get it! Method folks, can't you design something that will maintain the connection between the mop head and handle? Am I the only person with this issue???

Now I'm stuck with several microfiber mop heads (bare floors and wood floor versions). I'm using them as dusting cloths now, and had to resort to another brand of mop.

Come on, Method people! You make AMAZING cleaning products. I would love it if your cleaning tools were just as reliable.

Erin said...

I would like to know why your hand soaps still have sodium laurel/laureth sulfate in them. I purchased the little cube "white tea" hand soap because it doesn't have it. However the main line still does. All of the natural soap lines in my whole foods stores do not put that sulfate in their soaps. I'd love to see it out of yours so that I can give you more business!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why they don't offer refills in a large/bulk size? Instead of buying another whole bottle, I could refill it! One large jug refilling one small jug beats buying lots of small bottles!

Anonymous said...

I tried Method Smarty Dish tablets when Target had them on clearance. Unfortunately, by the time I figured out they worked better than my old phosphates-loaded dishwater detergent, they were out of stock. Now, I can't find them anywhere, and only in a couple of online shops. But I just read a Consumer Reports story a couple of days ago comparing non-phosphate cleaners that said none of them but Smarty Dish even work. So here's my question: If everyone seems to know that this is the best product out there, why is it so stinking hard to find?

Sean said...

One quick, simple question: You call yourselves a green company concerned with the environment, yet you offer no refill bottles for your aroma sticks line. When will they be available and in the meantime, what do you suggest customers do with the vase and sticks once the fragrance runs dry? Throw it out and buy a whole new package?

Hippity Hop said...

My question is how come I went all the way to Bed, Bath & Beyond and all they had was shower cleaner?

mrsncook said...

Lots of people are in a rush to buy antibacterial products. If it says antibacterial, it's better. If it doesn't say antibacterial, it's not going to do a good job. How do your products compare to antibacterial products?

Some people say that you have to use bleach to kill everything. Laundry just isn't white enough if you use anything but bleach. How do your products compare to bleach? If someone didn't want to use bleach, what would you recommend?

I would like to see a Back to School Sale from Method with reduced or free shipping. I would like to see you include a small free gift with purchase, like a recycled pencil with the Method logo. Shipping is extremely expensive, and I would rather be able to order once a year and stock up if I could get a reduced shipping cost. Is reduced shipping a possibility?

Thank you! :)

Katie J. said...

My question is about (NPE).

I want to be sure that my Method Squeaky Green Laundry Detergent (Sweet Water) doesn't contain nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE). It doesn't say it does contain NPE on the bottle but also, it doesn't say that it "doesn't" either.

So does it contain nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE)?

Thank you,
Katie J.

Sprockets said...

Erin, I believe your question about sodium lauryl sulphate was largely addressed in the recent Q&A in the UK:

"Hi Mollusk , feline1973 & Ciananka

I know there has been a lot of bad press around SLS – particularly in Europe – which means it is often, mistakenly assumed to be a hazardous ingredient, especially because old reports are being quoted even though a lot of research has since disproved this assumption.
SLS is a natural surfactant (cleaner) based on coconut oil.
One of the common assumptions is that SLS is a carcinogen. This is simply incorrect – it is not classified as a known, probable or suspected carcinogen by either the International Agency for Research on Cancer ( or the American Cancer Society ( which was gone so far as to issue a statement to this effect.
But, while the carcinogen concern is incorrect, SLS is a moderate eye and skin irritant when used in high concentrations and unbuffered. method uses it only in formulations at sufficiently low concentrations that it is not irritating. With the exception of this irritation concern, SLS is a good ingredient – it is derived from coconut oil, it is biodegradable, and is non-toxic.

The way we work at method is to formulate all products to be both non-toxic and biodegradable and have an extensive internal testing process with very stringent criteria, taking into account the entire life cycle of each ingredient – source, use and disposal – the method‘greenskeeperswork hard to ensure that we live up to the healthiest & greenest philosophy possible. If the greenskeepers cannot make a product work well and be certain it is healthy for people and the environment, we wont make it. Simple as that.
In addition to our internal testing we have an external ingredient assessment processes conducted by EPEA (, the Hamburg-based research institute. EPEA conducts independent and comprehensive reviews of all our products. The ultimate goal of these assessments is to ensure that in addition to excellent performance, all of the ingredients that go into our products are good for all of the right reasons: non-toxicity to people and pets, biodegradation and non-toxicity in the environment, and sourcing that encourages bio-diversity and social equity.

After this testing process SLS was found to be completely safe and a good, natural surfactant (cleaner) to use in our products.

Others have come to the same conclusion as us (treehugger article,
but a long-standing bad reputation wont be turned around over night!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know why I can't get the same scents consistently! I want my Eucalytpus Mint in the bathroom and Grapefruit in my kitchen. I hate it when all of a sudden my favs disappear! I also would like to ask, similarly to all of the folks who commented before me that we get 100% naturally-derived more sulfates!

Sprockets said...

I've always wondered why method uses such generic and "perfumy" scents for the laundry detergent, in stark contrast to all its other products. I don't like any of the method laundry detergent scents, so I just stick to the no naked version :)

I think that a nice lavender scent, or the old nectarine blossom, would do really well for a laundry detergent, and stand out well from the generic detergents.

So method, why do you use the scents that you do for the laundry detergent? And might there be some more creative ones in the near future?

April said...

When so many other natural brands are eliminating sodium lauryl sulfate, why is method still including it as an ingredient?

Anonymous said...

Let me just say, I love all Method products, however, I'm a super-fan of Method's FOAMING HAND WASH - I have a bottle at all 3 sinks in my home!! It cleans well and rinses nicely.

Please, tell me, when is method going to introduce similar-type FOAMING DISH SOAP?

Kelly said...

Like the others before me, I am a Method addict. I clearly remember setting my alarm so that I would be up in time to watch a Method segment on QVC!

While I love the cleaning power of all products I have tried, I especially love the wood surface cleaner. My only grip with this item is the size of the bottle. I'd love to be able to buy this in a larger size or in a refill (same goes for other products as well).

Another suggestion for the laundry detergent (besides the new fragrance ideas that were mentioned previously) - could the bottles be made more similar to other brands (i.e. dispensers that sit on the shelf rather than bottles that need to be opened each time)?

Jess said...

Hey hey! I'm curious about the body lotion and soap that came out a couple of years ago. I really really loved it, but now I can't find it anymore. Has it been completely discontinued? If not, is it possible to make it in the yummy grapefruit scent?

erin said...

How long will the products last?

A few of us like to stock pile our discontinued favorites in our own method vaults :) I often find retired scents on shelves here(in Canada). If it is a 2 year old soap, how long till it starts to break down?

And why hasn't Canada had a launch? On the West Coast we're rather green(which could be moss growing from all the rain). And we are having this big sporting event next year, you may have hear of it - lol - the Olympics - come check us out!

Ej said...

I was logged in the wrong account - the previous comment is from me.

Anonymous said...

Any possibility that Method will have baby or handiwipes?

Fourth Breakfast

antipopprincess said...

Can you guys make a gentler hand soap? I have extremely sensitive skin and am afraid to use your hand soaps because of all the reviews and personal experiences of some family/friends. Most are in reference to skin reactions to the soap. I do however love all of your cleaning products. I switched from Mrs. Meyers to method because the Mrs. Meyers was increasing hard to find. Everything I have used from method has been awesome. I have almost completely converted all of my products, except the hand soaps. Also, could you make more products in the citrus scents? I particularly love your citrus leaf scent.

Fred said...

Simple answer to NPE question. There are none anywhere in the Method product line

- Fred, method chemist

Ej said...

@antipopprincess I had really dry skin from the hand wash until I started rinsing my hand really really well - making sure there was no residue soap left on my hands. Then the dryness wasn't a problem anymore.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed any issues with your items and ecsema? My youngest gets it pretty bad in the winter from the dry heat and the heater, we usually have to change his soap every two weeks as they will work then not and the same with his lotions. So basically how good are your soaps with people with ecsema?

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